A little effect!


The strongest impulse of human is his interests. This impulse is also the reason for the one-sided perspective that has emerged today.
Is it possible to prove the trueness of a decision made by a person? or, are the constitutions and laws of the states correct?
When we make a decision, whether it’s personal or social, is it possible to make that decision right?
States say that they make laws for the safety and well-being of their citizens through their constitutions, that each state has its own constitution and laws (!)
Can we ask ourselves this question?
“Is trueness of constitutions and laws correct?” Since each state’s constitution, laws and its own cultural and traditional beliefs and decision take place, which one is correct (!)
In this case, between two countries… all the conditions between 208 countries will naturally be different.
The constitution and laws of one will differ, and the constitution and laws of the other will differ, and you will have to be very careful when you go from one to other, also, the law is valid in one may not be valid in the other, or vice versa.
What about now (!)

Position of the world in the universe is constantly changing.
As a rock planet that emerged after a chaotic result in the orbit of the Sun billions of years ago, the constant change of its location, its change depending on its own conditions, the effect of meteorites, earthquakes, the effect… the effect… the effect… of radiation that is, the impact of all forces that have been experienced for billions of years like this, confirming that our world have never been the same in this process.
The only truth; is that there is nothing we can do in the face of the multiplicity of these parameters.
Actually, what we need to understand is really simple.
Although physicists are trying to understand and explain these forces with formulas..!, we do not have the brain with intelligence to understand this dynamic structure, nor information to realize the universe that changing while the formulas are being written (!)

The biggest effect on the change of life is hidden is small touches. Although that small touch may seem simple in the size of the universe, it encompasses the entire universe.
There is no decision maker in the universe.
There is no changer in the universe.
There is no time and space in the universe.
Everything happens… happens… happens…
As Farabi said: “Nothing can be the cause of itself. Because self of the cause is before the occurs.”
Now, have we ever thought about how we, as human beings, can act in the face of this explanation?
We haven’t thought about it, nor we are not doing it. Because we are “Mutant” species that claims that the world is not dynamic, that there is no decision other than ‘’my decisions’’, that you never were, that all life in the universe is not under one roof.
Neither our beliefs, nor our decision, nor our lives think they exist on an untrue part.
7.8 billion people live in the world.
…and every human being on the world thinks that they are alone in the world. He considers every place that he’s not there as “None”.
He does not want to understand that he can’t be the cause of himself, and that there are reasons before him, opposing that his mental infrastructure is still primate-based, under the guise of a religious belief.
The interesting thing is that he accepts that everyone has their own thoughts and beliefs and can make decisions based on this structure, but does not want to understand that this acceptance is a thought based on interest, expectation and fear (!)
It is the system and thought that divides it as “True”, the tradition and belief that separates it as “Crime”.
In fact, when we look at it, we can easily say that for 7.8 billion people; “Human is an irresponsible specie”.
It does not research, does not want to look, see, therefore read, because it expects everything to be served.
Always; he says, “Don’t touch me, I’m fine like that”. People should know it well; “They are the slave of their thoughts.”

The rule that applies to every living thing in the entire universe is that there are so many languages that we don’t know the number of them, depending on the environment and conditions of the place they are in, and depending on their physical structure.
The common point of all of them; having the same meanings (!)
The whole field of life in the universe is intelligence, and we think that we are different by calling ourselves “Human” (which is a religious description), whereas what we need to understand is;
We are a cause of the order that has existed for a certain time in this intelligence. We think as a result of what we see, hear, touch and feel.
Every decision we make belongs to the past, since thought makes us not to make decisions from our minds, but we believe that we have the right to make any decision, as we try to put ourselves in a place, and most importantly, because we are afraid of being alone in order to create competition (which originates from the primate mind).

That’s why, I’m asking again; “Is it possible to prove the trueness of the decision human make? Or, are the constitutions, laws of the states correct?”