An arrogant God!


Even if the unique order of nature and each living thing in it seems to have only one feature, in fact, they have diversified based on a single principle, which is environs.
The universe that we do not know about its beginning, has came to the present day depending on environmental richness through this principle.
At first, we what we should know is…
Existence has only one truth; “Everything will die including the universe.”
Existence has one main rule; “Without the society there will be no life (Causality Principle).”
The beautiest part of “Causality principle” is it supports the partnership scheme with the energy of subatomic particles that constantly provides the simple renewal of life.
The sphere that has a common plan, shapes its reality as to the most economical one with the influence of the environment. Therefore, it renewed itself at every moment, without time and space, in the truth of “self-organization”.
The common feature of creatures of this world -except human- that is a part of variety which has been holding for billions of years is the movement with communal laws.

The Meerkats, which are among the most sympathetic vitalities in the world, are known with the features that is mentioned.
They live in almost every location of the Kalahari Desert in Africa. They act in accordance with social laws in families where at least 20 and at most 50 Meerkats come together.
The initial feature they have is to protect and support each other for perpetuity.
Among themselves they are absolutely socially cooperative and can safely share with other Meerkats without any problem, even if they feel like they are enemies.
They are solidaristic living beings that work collectively and live through together.
By means of this respect, they show development as social intelligence.
It is true, many species that live in the aim of nature have this feature, but Meerkats do this in terms of social intelligence, and most importantly, without any self-interest.

Useance was first used in 1680 by the French linguist François de Mesgnien Meninski. Also, it has meanings such as “making use of or taking advantage of, make someone work”.
There is one feature that human being has revealed, which is taking the advantage of someone or looking down on someone!
What I am saying is, providing an employment with the one step according to the unknown being in every relationship.
However; according to the example that has been given, if we are going to live a life as Meerkats do; in fact, employment, while adding the links of the chain of healthy relationships together, means meeting the needs in accordance with the needs without harming the structuring in life.

Employment means bringing together the generators who make up relations and to contribute to the education go the creators, without marginalizing the social development partnership under the roof of intellectual freedom. Plus, each human is one original, is one employment.
It requires mental freedom to take the advantage of this source.
Just as life freely evaluates what is for all living things, human beings also ought to evaluate the resources of the world with the consciousness of being a part of life, with their mind-free structure. In the truth that employment is life, the belief of “I am the leader” must be freed from its conviction.
Each human is the one who reveals an employment but living thanks to saving displays that person has that type of mind originating from fear and distrust.
The idea that is “I am different from others” has been the pain in the neck for humans for centuries.
Sometimes it was on purpose, sometimes without knowledge but including the intervention of the natural law, at the same time ignoring the essential social effects…
The most substantial reason underlying this is the previous life of the human species in nature but also later years without development, the DNA of the person was interfered with without living in nature afterwards.
In all religious mythologies and books, the creation of man is mentioned.
Human being was created and the god had the rules to be obeyed -although people do not care at all at present.-
At first everything looks like thier are all real but at this point when we handle the actual truth, it is easily figured out that those are not true at all.
If a human were to live in her/his natural process without any interference with her/his DNA, she/he would still be cooperating with the primates in the trees.
Humans are responsable for all of the calamities on the world and some people may not prevent this in no sense!
Even when he says that he has the right to live without shame, who rejects the “You are given a wisdom!” (which means that our DNA’s are interfered), “Live the moment.” verses with the back of his hand, who does not use his mind under any circumstances and who destroys the world as if to deny all life, does not believe it.
Because to believe, it is necessary to feel the life.
While all the species in the world feels the existence, humans are so arrogant that instead of using their minds, they prefer to create an artificial intelligence and destroy their brains, to act with François de Mesgnien Meninski’s understanding of employment like robots for their slaves to do their job.
Also, most importantly, to use their own DNA he prefers to play godliness by interfering.