Artificial anthropology


A person whose DNA has been tampered with for millions of years and who has been informed by saying, “We have given you wisdom”, lives in a “Virtual Reality” world because he builds his mental development on a fear-based traumatic structure.
Today, research shows that our brain is shrinking, that our neurons are decreasing over all the time, that our brain’s function is shaped not by evolution, but by the culture of obedience that we determine according to ourselves, depending on what we experience.
Compared to other genres, the fact that human place thought at the forefront of their development, which repeats rather than changing, and that they are tied to traditional and cultural life are considered to be the facts that lead to the above results.
Since it cannot change according to the rules of evolution, it lives in the world of imagination instead of “Questioning = Learning”.
At the point we have reached today, it seems impossible to expect a change in the near future for people who get ambitious, angry, resentful, insecure in daily life, who expect to be constantly talked about, to be told “you are the greatest, you are the most beautiful, you are the smartest”.
While we should question our decisions that affect the process of nature because they dull our awareness, it makes us live in our lack of a solution, and therefore our traumatic mind causes us to create even our diseases.
By repelling the therapeutic power of nature with the back of our hands, we deceive ourselves with medications that are described in medicine as “poisons.”
Because we have forgotten that we are nature and evolution is our own, we do not want to realize the consequence of our thoughts that we constantly pull out of the bed of information about the fear-based traumatic past that affects our minds in the delusion of “I.”
We even consider it very normal for us to make the world chaotic in every aspect, as if we didn’t (!)

Alcino Silva, Professor of Neurobiology and Psychiatry at UCLA Faculty of Medicine; “Our memories are a big part of what makes us who we are. The ability to connect interrelated experiences teaches us how to stay safe in the world and function successfully. If we remembered everything, life would be impossible,” says.
Also to the question, “Why does the brain need a gene that interferes with its ability to bind memories?” “We think the brain allows us to connect meaningful experiences by filtering out less important details,” says.
“Who filters out the trivial details? Where does the thinking that connects meaningful experiences come from?” as long as our genes are answered, which tells us about the past.
Then we can safely say that this model of human life does not work.
The explanation for this is that human beings, with their emotions and traumatized mindsets, can make what is going to happen fatal at the most extreme level of decision-making. Borders, states, flags, security forces and weapons… what more can you get (!)
As a species, we still breathe in and out of the primate mindset no matter what we’re doing right now, and according to Prof. Silva’s research results, “We’re going to continue to filter out the trivial details!..”

We don’t know if there are other dimensions, other universes, other living things. In fact, we have yet to meet anyone other than ourselves. But the truth is that we have not even met all the living beings on earth, and to try to create another one without knowing what evolution is?
There is a truth for human that we cannot even walk with baby steps (!)
We can’t walk, but somehow we are related to “Artificial Intelligence” which is already threatening our future!…

İsmâil bin er-Rezzâz al-Jazari, an engineer who lived between 1136-1206 and was born in the Tor neighborhood of Cizre district in Turkey, is considered the greatest genius in the field of “Cybernetics”. As a master of robotics and matrices, he is also respected as “taking the first steps of the Guidance Science process”, which is still used today.
Most importantly, the oldest known written records about robotics in use today belong to al-Jazari. In the 12th century, al-Jazari, the first scientist to study these subjects; In his book “Involving the Utilization of Mechanical Movements in Engineering” (El Jami-u’l Beyn’el İlmî ve Al-Amelî’en Nâfi fî Sınâ’ati’l Hiyel), he makes the principles of use of more than 50 devices and drawings of their possibilities of utilization (claimed to have inspired Leonardo da Vinci) and forms the cornerstone of today’s cybernetic and artificial intelligence robotics.

Artificial intelligence, is an accepted definition and is considered to be a self-improving computer language capable of imitation.
Although it is typically described as interdisciplinary computer science with multiple approaches that deals with creating intelligent machines capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence, it is actually an artificial operating system that exhibits high cognitive functions or autonomous behaviors specific to human intelligence, such as perception, learning, connecting multiple concepts, thinking, reasoning, problem solving, communicating, making inferences and making decisions. Even this explanation tells of the risk.
The fact that artificial intelligence is much smarter than all living things on earth, including humans, and has the capacity to create an artificial future does not bother today’s people at all (!)

Developing such an artificial mind by “filtering out unimportant details!” and applying it to robots instead of improving oneself does not seem evolutionary for the future of humanity. In fact, the uncertainty of what kind of decision-making chain the artificial neural cells will present tomorrow as a result of gaining the ability to learn as a result of defining their network structures is even more frightening.
The fact that science fiction movies in recent years have been dealing with these issues, and that we watch and accept them with great pleasure, means that we are destroying our future with our own hands. Because we don’t care about “unimportant details” (!)

Anthropology considers human development as natural in the process of evolution.
The process of “Artificial Anthropology” (!) with artificial intelligence requires us to ask ourselves; “What am I doing?”, which shows that we are responsible, but when our fear-based traumatic mind structure is based on the insignificance of decisions, such an artificial mind emerges.
Nowadays, all sectors are somersaulting for work on this issue, and investing a lot of money in this field, but we don’t know what will happen tomorrow if artificially intelligent robots speak in a language that humans cannot understand and get behind the wheel as an artificial species?
While artificial intelligence robots are walking around, I’m curious to see if humans will be able to communicate with these machines.
Let me say it again; As a species whose DNA has been tampered with, which has undergone non-evolutionary development and emerged, we are already living incapacitated with incomprehensible decisions.
What if artificial intelligence robots manage the process, where will the human evolve (!)
While evolution has created and continues to create the universe for billions, perhaps trillions, with its environment-dependent change, wouldn’t an artificial intelligence process of “Artificial Anthropology” suddenly intervene and our already existing fear-induced traumatic mindset be affected much worse?
What do you think?