Burnt psychology


Gabriel Daniel Fernandez, 8, living in Palmdale, Los Angeles, California, USA, was tortured to death by his biological mother and her lover.
Eylül Yağlıkara, who disappeared after going out to play with her friends in Ankara’s Polatlı district, where she went with her family for a summer vacation, was brutally murdered after sexual abuse in Turkey.
4-year-old Riara Otsuka, living in Izumi city in Kagoshima State, Japan, was killed when her mother was abused by her lover.
It is seen that all the murders committed in different parts of the world were decided by the primate mentality -due to jealousy-.

“If you want to be a great lawyer, you have to set aside the universal laws and justify whatever your client believes -even if it’s wrong-. In fact, if you can prevent them for executing the death penalty for first-degree murder, then you’ve become a good lawyer…”
Attorney Marc Dreier, who was graduated from Harvard Law, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for fraud of 700 Million Dollars, asked about 250 young lawyers he worked with, “how do you become a successful lawyer?” he says, showing that he actually decided with the -goal oriented- primate mentality of this belief that he constantly talks about.

If we take Vatican and Palestine, which have observer status in the world, there are 208 countries total. Among these 208 countries, the flags of a total of 194 countries are accepted, including the 193 countries that are members of the United Nations and the Vatican, which is considered a sovereign state but is not a member of the United Nations. In all these countries, there are security forces (army, gendarmerie, police) sworn to protect the symbol flags, or only security branches in countries governed as principalities, such as the Vatican.
It shows that humans -this fear induced security model- are in fact made with the primate mindset.

Human, constantly says the following rhyme; “Forget the past, look to the future… Past is gone…” Mistake, they say; “Don’t look back, because our eyes are looking forward…”
However, this belief is the proof that people deny themselves. In all scientific studies, the life of living things is examined and researched, the process of universalization is tried to be understood until today, and people make plans for their own future with the consequences. He does, it also puts the belief in the “Past” that I mentioned. Because people only make decisions by thinking. What he couldn’t understand for hundreds of years that; thought has a past.
When we look at the whole of human life, the traditions and cultures of myths and legends take the first place.
In a word; “PAST…”
Human’s commitment to thought requires tailing a leader to fill his mental void, and even this decision -primate mentally- is rooted.
This human mind, which is the consciousness of inadequacy, creates a constant duality, and because it can’t recognize the environment and itself, it proceeds with the guidance of its memory, that is, its past. Because of racial heritage, while he is acting on knowledge of the past, the mental model that underlines this movement is only a reaction to his fears.
The fact that it establishes states, establishes borders, fights for symbol flags, and is dependent on tradition, culture and thought is entirely rooted in primate mentality.
This truth has no meaning for pre-human creatures.
When we look at it, they also do not want strangers within their borders.
They also fight for the area they are in, kill their opponents and even eat the creatures they kill.
So, when this is the case, where does the difference between pre-human beings and being “Homo” come from, or is there really such a difference?
Yes, they have the knowledge of being a primate in their genes, but humans insist on seeing themselves as superior to other living things.
He considers them as “Animal”. While he says he is “smart and intelligent”, he claims to be different.
Moreover, not only can he not see that all his decisions are made up of information from the past, he both despises the creatures before him and can easily decide that he has the privilege of taking away their right to live.
Although he explains that he is a “Homo” that changes over time, he does not accept that his physical and mental structure is an intertwined partnership, so he makes decisions with his divisive thinking, arrogance, and ego.

The psychology, mental discipline, and practice of 208 countries in the world depend on their culture and traditions in their field. Its origins, concepts and empirical findings are limited to this mental part of the past. Man lives in mental discipline, but discipline is also culture blind, largely ignoring the role of culture in shaping the development of human behavior. He cannot realize that these developments and expressions that reveal the discipline are culturally shaped. Although those who are interested in psychology claim that there is a common psychology that combines the findings of concepts from traditions and cultures all over the world, they seek results with personalized treatment methods for some reason (!)
However, although the concept of psychology integrity is as claimed, it denies the “Universal Alphabet”, that is, “Acumen”, in a model that was initially developed in Europe and later in the USA, which is tried to be understood and explained based on cultural influence.
Full description; in the universe, in the world, there is not only human (!)
Thousands of years ago, they were burned to death (!) on human life and psychology, he talked about “Universal Alphabet”, that is, “Acumen”. As a result, the state perpetuated the truth, colonialism, making decisions based on color, humiliation, creating slaves for self-obedience, and most importantly, being more savage than animals, which is seen in the picture depending on the psychology of the flag.

The mindset of our parents affects our future fundamentally. Because they, too, had stepped into their lives from a result based on cultural and traditional interaction. I cannot claim whether the difference of being a “Homo” arises only in facing this truth, but I see that the differences between countries create a me-you duality under all circumstances.
When man realizes duality, “Universal Alphabet”, that is, “Acumen” is his own, then he is free from mind, past and thought.
Otherwise, he will annihilate himself and other living things because he cannot read the “Universal Alphabet”.