Code in DNA


Habit is not conscious of itself and therefore is not aware of its result.
Therefore, we cannot know whether there is a beginning, nor an end of that beginning or even if it has an end. Just as a person does not know what he wants, he cannot understand why he wants it.
Because, the knowledge clothed on man makes no contribution to his natural reality.
A child does not know whether he wants to be born or not, nor does he know who he will be in his later life; what kind of life he will have in his later life, including the gender formed in the mother’s womb. Although this fact may seem like the unknown of life, it actually tells us that we must surrender to what happens.
In other words, whatever happens, happens for us because we are there.
For tens of thousands of years, the only truth of man is that he holds on to the belief that it is the only expression of his nature, based on the rules valid for every culture and the traditions he has created in his imaginary world. However, if he could touch the original structure of the beliefs he held, he would have a much deeper understanding.
Mathematician Vladimir Shcherbak, one of the professors of Kazakhstan Al Farabi University, and Dr. Maxim Makukov, Astrobiologist of the Kazakhstan Fesenkov Astrophysics Institute, published a study on the human genome in 2020 as a result of their research.
In the study, it is stated that there is a secret code in our DNA and it contains an unknown symbolic language within a mathematical pattern that does not fit our natural development. They also stated the probability of this being natural as 10 over 10 Trillion. Shcherbak and Makukov explained that this code was manipulated into our body by extraterrestrials, as “an artificial mutation that is not suitable for our DNA.”
This statement has shed light on the source of our obscurity to date.
Moreover, regarding this code in our DNA, Shcherbak and Makukov warned us from a different perspective for our future: “In the near future, we will unite once again through the advanced versions of Artificial Intelligence Based Cybernetics prepared by humans today to create organic robots…”
This statement fully summarizes our interventions on DNA in recent years that we are creating a future we do not know.
The fact that man thinks that he has raised his mind to the level of decision-making with the intention of being the God he personalizes, shows that he is running towards a system that he cannot bear its consequences.
So, as people with knowledge based on our insemination thousands of years ago, it would naturally be considered very normal for us to realize the cybernetic robots we are working on today.
DNA is the system of our body, while the GEN is the set of programs of this system. We need to understand that changing the system is a job we cannot think of yet. It seems possible for us to organize the system programs in a life in awareness. Yes, universal intelligence offers us this freedom, but not so that we can interfere with the system (!)