Communation is virtual!


There is nothing on this planet that does not change and remains constant. We notice towns, professions, and other living beings has changed besides the obliteration in the event of alteration among species. Also, naturally, with the solar system our world changes as well.
As a matter of fact, one day these things that we mention will vanish and will perish at some point in the future.
There is a subject in the cosmos that is the altering and transformation between element and energy.
As a result, in order to comprehend the entirety of this process, the beginning of which we do not know, many concepts, including the concept of time, have been put forward and the structure of variability has been tired to be understood.
The ones who are aware of life, approved the casualty as the constitution of the life model and have read the universal alphabet to understand this.
On the other hand, while doing this, they figured out that our brain can be programmed and it is conditioned when we are born.
Afterwards, they also understood that after birth brain generates a new life according to the environmental effect.
The most essential point of here was the fit factor that our cells which gets effected as regards to the environment and supplies the repetition of genetic information.
This truth tells us that there is no freewill (6 second rule), cells make our decisions and we are sentenced to the imitation which we believe that we are the ones who leads this process!..
While human being is constantly increasing his level of knowledge, he has made his life more and more complicated by moving to an unexpected point in the last 100 years.
Dreaming constantly, making a decision to find a solution and -unfortunately- in time, the will that he wants to carry his personalized behavior by talking egocentrically to an unknown future is actually the result of his virtual change .
The disrespect to the nature is not because of the stem information but because of the alteration ensured by extraterrestrial beings who has been interfering to the human DNA for millions of years!
As an example from the previous sharing of mine; results of Kazakhstan AI Farabi University mathematician Prof. Vladimir Shcherbak and Kazakhstan Fesenkov Astrophysics Institute Astrobiologist Dr. Maxim Makukov : show that there is a secret code in our DNA, which it contains an unknown symbolic language in a mathematical pattern that does not fit our natural development, as an artificial mutation.
Today, molecular biology and genetics studies show that the human species emerged from the change of the primate order about 60-65 million years ago and the first humans of the genus Homo evolved about2.5 million years ago.
To summarize, the question that is “Who am I?” makes kind of more sensible.
Well, what ramifies the human life to such a degree?
As a matter of fact,why that much effort has been made?
Can it be the reason that human being does not want to read the life by means of the universal alphabet?
Or maybe it is the will of acting as a god!..
I used the word “virtual” above. Since, following the human starts to use his wisdom, the every “thing” in the whole life is eighter makes sense or stated with symbols.
So it shows that one lives in fantasy world, as a consequence, by creating a virtual pattern of consideration, generates a chain of habits that one cannot know about its results.
The truth that one created is the most obvious example of the relationship that was contacted without communication.
Each communication that human make is an imitation.
Each communication of human is the consequence of alienation.
Each communication of human depends on lack of confidence and the structure that based on fear.
This behavior model is the source of all today’s problems, as people cannot realize that communication is a truth that they can relate to, starting from the cause of the body.
A person can neither communicate nor establish a relationship without understanding what the truth is and seeing the mental structure he has personalized.
In recent years, besides not being able to understanding that man is a victim of technology, he has made herself admit that he has created her virtual future!
All technological tools form the basis of his disaster that hinders his mental development.
The one cannot see that in the world of the future, technological tools will take place, not himself, and human being is not aware that he is blind while creating these technological tools.
Not so much, since the creation of the first money, he preferred to live only in a material world, deciding to put himself in the place of god, thinking that the one was different.
The one does not neglect to hide the damage it causes to nature an all life, behind the fact that he does not accept it in any way.
Human, unfortunately, is the most miserable living being in the world.
Since, when he thinks that he is alive, he is not aware of the fact that he is dead. Instead of finding out how the mental structure that makes all kinds of decisions without paying attention to the consequences, knowing that he will die, is destroying his future with the arrogance of “egocentrism”.