Coward system!


Today, in the light of recent research, we now know that: the man invented his first tool because he realized that he created a living space where he would first find life safety and then prosperity. By understanding other living things around him, he thought, “how can I benefit from these creatures?” and, at the same time, laid the foundation for the future of today’s people.
Man has created systems and occupations, therefore his well-being, because he does not trust* life in time.*
*Human insecurity towards life stems from his primate mentality and fear (fight or flight), his priority.

Well, have we noticed what has changed over thousands of years in these systems, professions, and this fear-based mentality that set off from a tool?
I do not think so!..
Because today, we believe a “System” ensures our well-being and is essential for all professions. The etymological definition of “System” is “A stance consisting of many elements”, referring to the past.
When we examine the subject a little more deeply through “Static”, which means “Standing, Stopping Place, Stop”; we can see that the word “station” makes a contribution to this etymological definition.
A full explanation of this; “Man lives in the past!”
Well, it looks like there’s no problem so far.
However, the truth is not like that at all: “After all we’ve been through, we still can’t touch life.”
First of all, we need to understand that a tool was essential for the conditions of that day.
Man has created security and comfort in his life with that tool.
In fact, with the “Causality Principle” of the universe, a change starting from that tool has been conveyed until today. However, while all this was happening in our mindset -which allows us to have many tools today- we missed a fundamental issue:
Man is a cowardly species, like other creatures on earth.
At that time, he produced tools because of his fear and the priority of life safety; he continued his lineage, lived by developing tools, but at the same time continued to hide his fear of primate mentality that triggered the process!..
Therefore, by saying “my safety first” in his fear-based mindset, he did not stop wars and killings for thousands of years, nor did he stop discriminating between the poor and the rich, believing in “my well-being first”.
In addition to the fact that it has survived until today, there is only one visible truth:
Even though when he made his first tool, he said, “I got smart, developed, changed, I produce technology”, he still lives in this mindset.
Although the changes in appearance, his chemical and mental structure have not yet developed at a level to understand the “Causality Principle” of the universe.

Man is in a constant search. However, his entire search results from his expectation in the form of a cry for help.
For a self-developed person, in particular, searching for a job is not possible. Because the decisions he will take depending on the “Causality Principle” will ensure that they are realized responsibly, without any self-interest, without creating an expectation, and most importantly, as a part of his life that he does not personalize.
Self-development of such a person indicates that he does not adapt to someone else’s decisions and system.
It shows that he does not live second hand.
It shows that he is not dependent on a leader and does not obey.
It shows that he is his own leader.
Since he knows that all systems create victim psychology, he lives knowing that he is a part of the universe to realize his mental revolution.
He just lives…

The universe moves in a dynamic structure. As a result of this movement, it changes constantly.
We humans believe in thinking and cannot see ourselves repeating the past. We live as slaves of our desires in our little world, which we personalize with the concepts of time, result and body.
This shows that we are actually passive observers in our mental prison. No matter what we do, it is clear that we live in a state of inaction.
So we live “Static”!..
So we live in the “Past”!..
For thousands of years, we have irresponsibly shared the lies we have accumulated and hidden in this fear-based cycle into teachings!..

If we do not ask ourselves, “What is the relation of fear to the system? Are systems caused by fear?” we will crush each other for the systems that someone has set up, and we will rise by stepping on each other. We even act in a mindset that will even dare to kill due to our jealousy (which is caused by arrogance).
However, trying to justify getting a job means that we are part of the system and accept being enslaved.
The systems were created by its founders based on “Obey culture” for all people. Because the creators know that the “Obey culture” also contains a mind structure from fear (!)
…and we must understand that the mind key of the systems, “Subliminal Messages”, is also the touchstone of the Obey Culture!..

Instead of believing the truth of those who say, “He who knows himself knows the universe”; following systems and beliefs means both denying the “Causality Principle” and not being able to read the “Universal Alphabet”.
Looking, seeing…
Seeing, reading…
Reading, being religious.
Religious people define “Religion” as follows: “Religion means that people see inside, that is, the universe, read with the ‘Universal Alphabet’ without obeying any system or belief, and know that the door is heard only when knocked from inside.”