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The belief that “Geography is destiny” is the only trusted way that a person deceives himself and escapes from the truth.
Because GEOGRAPHY has created a model of my “safe space” (borders, states, flags, security forces) that it has created to protect itself because of its primate mind structure-based fears,
Because, DESTINY; Committed to a cultural, traditional belief, by deceiving himself by saying “I am fine like this”, he has enabled him to live in a sustainable* mental model. (*Sustainable, etymologically; Includes the meanings of “To Herd, Repeat, Leave for Time”)

What we need to understand is; “Geography is never destiny.”
Nature does not create its destiny, it can not create it, it just happens (!)
However, people constantly deceive themselves by thinking that they are changing and improving themselves.
Since he does not know how to speak with the “Universal Alphabet”, he still continues to make decisions based on the primate mindset.
All he knows is to act by thinking, and to establish a “non-communicative relationship” with what is observed as a result of his behavior.
Because of the fear of the unknown, he believes that he must tell something to the other person in order to communicate and establish a relationship, and he tells “Lie” over the words he made up after his thoughts (!)
Thought; it belongs to the outside, it is a set of words that are given meaning, and this narrative creates psychic time. Psychic time produces traumatic consequences based on dreams based on lies.
All human systems and beliefs in the world are his dead ends in the path of “Geography is destiny” created as a result of traumatic mentality.
Human surrenders his whole life to dreams, hopes, expectations, to his psychic system, which he believes he has created. However, it does not live (!)
Thought is a chain of personalized dreams created by people based on their past mentality.
…and this human behavior has nothing to do with truth.

As long as a person is caught in the tail of his thoughts and personalizes his life according to himself, he has to pledge allegiance.
Whereas; freedom arises when there is observation without the observer, one must ask himself the following question; “Do I want to be free? Or am I delaying my freedom?”
The evolution of life comes from its freedom, and the freedom of evolution is possible with its death.
There is evolution because there is death…
…and why do people fear death, they already know when it should happen and where they will die (!)
If a person cannot touch the freedom he is in and is in, the only reason is that he is dependent on himself.
It is addicted to pleasure.
It is the passion of eternity.
Even , it clings to the “Geography is destiny” belief model that denies freedom.
For thousands… thousands of years, it has repeated itself.
As long as the thought continues, the phenomenon is kept underfoot, the words remain in the middle, the communication-relationship does not take place, the fear and insecurity continue.
Fear and insecurity disappear when thought realizes that it is fact. Reason; In fact, there is no fear, it is free, it is the truth.
As soon as he is a human, he lives according to the environment he is in, but when his mind is activated, the flow of information is interrupted, awareness disappears, he constantly tells “Lie”.

Neuroscience research shows that our decisions (acceptable value here: Self-confidence) started to be formed by cells 6 seconds ago, explaining that our cells communicate with universal intelligence before our brains.
The most important issue in this research is that our brain is a set of cells that function like our other organs, but that our whole life takes place in a cell priority. What people need to know is that the survival and death of all living things depend on their cells.
Cells evolve depending on the “Universal Alphabet” interaction.
Evolution; provides the development of variables (Quality, Quantity).
Evolution; together with the environment, is the freedom of the step that life (Causality Principle) takes to its future through knowledge.
The atoms that make up the universe are composed of subatomic elements such as protons, neutrons and electrons, and they communicate with each other through energy packets called photons and exchange energy with each other.
Subatomic elements, as a result of their communication and relationship with the environment, act according to probability calculation by taking into account whatever factors are present, and form the cornerstone of our most important feature that makes us who we are.
So; Our body, in the form of atoms, molecules, organelles, cells, tissues, organs, organ systems and organisms, moves within this cellular structure.
Today, at the point where research has come, it has been understood that when we humans will start talking with the “Universal Alphabet” depending on the variety of “Autocrine Cell Signal”, then we will be free from ourselves.

British naturalist and television personality Sir David Attenborough in an interview; “I think human evolution has stopped. Because, if the basic mechanism of evolution was natural selection, as Darwin stated, we humans stopped natural selection. We stopped our babies when we succeeded in keeping 95-99% alive. We humans are the only species that voluntarily stopped natural selection,” he explained.
According to Attenborough, the current evolutionary process is cultural and traditional.
Yes, although it seems like we are constantly renewing the information inherited from previous generations, in fact, we are just repeating. (by saying “history repeats itself”!..)
Human needs to update the formula for planetary domination.
Our decisions to create technology, our capacity to use it, have taken over our entire life from the point where we abandoned evolution, and humans will self-destruct in the near future.
In fact, instead of evolving for the continuation of our species, we are under the influence of technology and make our brains smaller (!)

By analyzing 985 fossilized modern human brains, the researchers found that 2.1 million years ago and 1.5 million years ago, the human brain saw an increase in size, while thousands of years ago, the human brain decreased in size. The result of the research; “Ancient people shared knowledge, creating social circles in which individuals were experts in certain tasks.
This, in turn, made the brain more efficient, while reducing its size.”
A group of researchers from Boston University has stated that ancient people needed less brain energy to store information, and as a result, their brains shrank, which also suggests that modern human ‘s brain may be even smaller due to technologies that store everything that needs to be known.
Dr James Traniello, co-author of the study, published in the journal Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, said: “We think this shrinkage is due to the confidence of a group of people in the idea that they are smarter than the smartest person in the world.
This is often referred to as the ‘wisdom of the crowds’ and over time it has set an example and influenced everyone,” said Dr Jeremy DeSilva, co-author of the study from Dartmouth College, “A surprising fact about people today: that our brains are smaller than those of our Pleistocene ancestors.
We can see this as a reflection of socialization”.
It has been established that the human brain grew almost fourfold over millions of years, starting “from the epoch” to decrease after the Ice Age.
Because his physical and mental journey is a thing of the past, he has seriously affected his evolution, either knowingly or unknowingly.
As a result, the researchers note that because ancient humans began sharing information tied to being social hundreds of thousands of years ago, their brains shrank in size as they needed less energy to store a lot of information.

Let people claim to have modernized as much as they want, let them say “I created everything”… As long as they deify their thoughts and deify themselves in an arrogant mindset, they will neither succeed in evolution nor belong to the universe (!)