Fly Trap victim!


In any moment of danger, fear changes our whole chemistry. Before we use our minds and think “What should we do?”, the “Hypothalamus-Pitiutary-Adrenal = HPA-axis” in your body takes action. Hypothalamus (H) cells, realising that there is a danger, stimulate the Pitiutary (P) gland for an emergency warning and tell it to give an alarm. Pitiutary (P) releases Adrenocorticotropic Hormones (ACTH) into the bloodstream. Receiving this message, the Adrenal (A) gland begins to make the necessary adjustments for the body to decide “fight or flight”. The blood allocated to the organs of the digestive system is immediately withdrawn and diverted to the brain and muscle cells. Because it is these two systems that must work at that moment and all energy must be allocated to them.
Since our cells, the owners of our body, know very well that all forces must be spent for a single purpose in case of danger, they ask the cells functioning in the internal-security (immune system) to suspend their duties and stop expending energy. For this purpose, a signal is sent to the Thymus (T) gland to “stop the immune system activities”. In other words, the immune system cells that will carry out the war in a body with a danger alarm immediately stop their energy expenditure. While the brain is working with full activity and deciding whether to flee or fight, the cellular interaction system we call subconsciousness comes into play.

Does this situation remind you of anything?
Something that happened to you, something you experienced, or nothing at all?
You probably won’t remember anything. This situation is explained scientifically in the text below.

The life model, which started thousands of years ago and which the Shamans put forward as a belief, is nowadays accepted as a religion that manipulates the human mind.
After a long time, at the earliest in the 5th century B.C., Greek thinkers were working on the idea that there was a way to slyly influence and persuade people. In historical records, when Greek texts were translated into Arabic in the 7th century, which is called the Golden Age of Islam, it was revealed that Greek thinkers were working on “Subliminal Message” studies on people.
Ibn al-Nafis, who lived between 1201-1288, who said, “To be obsessed and to be specialised in any subject is to have the same mind structure”, evaluated being specialised on behalf of professions while making this explanation as one of the important psychologists of the period.
Today, we do not want to see whether the obsessive processes of professions are due to subliminal messages that affect our subconscious (!), but as Ibn al-Nafis said, we witness that they make us unhappy because they contain learned repetitions.
Could we be deceiving ourselves through subliminal messages or denying ourselves that we continue to be slaves of the system while claiming that we are developing professionally?

Starting in 1487 in Brugge, Belgium with the money trading of some Jewish families, the stock period was formalised with the establishment of the “Stock Exchange” by the Van der Beurze Family living in the same city and has come to the present day. In 1817, with the establishment of the New York Stock Exchange in the USA, the path of money passed to another system.
It has become such that the discourse “The world economy is managed by the ‘Fly Trap’ model”, which Wall Street is the namesake of, has continued as part of a system dating back thousands of years.
“Fly Trap” is a trap made with sugar water placed in a plate, and when flies come to this sweet water and want to taste it, they stick to it and die.
According to Wall Street, we humans behave with the same psychology.
So, why do you think Wall Street might have made such a characterisation?
Could it be because he knows that we are obsessed?

It seems that the flight or war effect is guiding us in accordance with the times this time too!
The reflection of the flight or fight effect to the present day has turned into a “Fly Trap” model because we are obsessed with it. Because the HPA Axis, which I mentioned in the introduction, is at the beginning of the work and whatever we do, being excited is a must!
So, are Wall Street analysts right now?
Are people normal when the power of money and subliminal messages come together with war psychology?
Of course not.
When building strategy upon strategy, the psychology of war outweighs the excitement caused by financial pressure, that’s all. However, the tragic part is that this psychology leads people into all kinds of models – on purpose!
If the money is “Fly Trap”, the war psychology of subliminal messages does not seem wrong at all.
No one is “running away”!
They are just fluttering in the sugar water with the “I’m fine like this model”!

The claim I wrote above, “…You will most likely not remember anything…”, when you look at your daily life, will show you that you really do not remember even when you count at least 1 decision that affects the flow of your life.
Thinking is man’s greatest spy. In fact, the person who fails to realize that thoughts are outside, dreams, that they will bring fame and that they will create laziness, indifference, and even arrogance, has actually laid the foundations of his unhappiness in his first decision.
Therefore, while everything that a person builds disappears, life continues to exist.