Folkloric universe!


Etymology is the science that studies the root of a language depending on its cultural structure. In fact, it describes the traditional transformation of a culture in terms of sound and meaning. That is why, there are thousands of languages in the world. Even though language generates differences between generations in the structure that triggers the traditional process, it gets out of its place in time and communicates in the truth of “Causality Principle”.
In 208 countries, the language preserves its continuity traditionally and culturally, generating regional (brogue) differences in its folkloric richness, depending on the language development of each country.
Despite this richness, today’s desire is to make English almost the mother-tongue; It begs the questions of “Why”.
Well, let’s say it happened.
Do we ever wonder what kind of place man will find for himself in the universe when he leads a monolingual life as a consequence of this imposition?
In fact, we are constantly talking about extraterrestrials, we are waiting for them to come, but if they come, how will we communicate or do we know if they will speak to us in English? That is something completely unknown!..
Anyway, for now, let’s go back to the world.

Human, continuously; Tries to make sense of both the universe and life with words such as “Smart, Conscious, Intelligent, Infinite, Magnificent, Incredible”, and shows the courage to make decisions within this mindset.
The educational process pays homage to his students, he takes great pleasure in suggesting a “cluster of universes” that he does not even know exists and talking about the living conditions in the universe with which he does not communicate, as if he had gone there!..
In fact; We need to know that is more important than anything else that we understand the fact that “you can’t relate without communicating”.
We know that some companies communicate with the creatures they call “extraterrestrial”, but that is not the issue!..
The issue is whether we humans can communicate with any living thing outside the atmosphere.
Actually, we can.
However, it is a fact that we have lost our ability to communicate and relate to the universe and life. Some people caused us to lose this feature with subliminal messages!..
Once upon a time, we did not perceive or observe the universe like this. Moreover, we were even communicating with someone!..
Well, do we know the universe, life and establish communication-relationships today? No. We somehow attach the courage to decide to the educational knowledge we learn, we can make a statement saying “Yeah. That is the reason”.
What do you say? Normally, since we are the universe itself, aren’t we all aliens?
So, how long do we have to continue to be a prisoner of words, and for someone else!… How long will it take us to realize that we are in the truth of Observation, Observe, Observed, by the influence of the environment? Living is being the universe, right!..
Then, let’s live.
I want to give an example about it.
Shams of Tabrizi (1185-1248) said; “Most conflicts and tensions occurs from language. Don’t pay too much attention to words. In the land of love, language has no place. Love is language-free.”

Do we have to connect the old science (!), the theories we put forward, the hypotheses we put forward, especially everything that I can’t understand, to a physics rule? I think, this situation we are in does not seem very real.
Particularly, I would even say that physicists mislead human life!
Because, for some reason, I see that they ignore the “Dynamic Universe” truth that they do not want to understand.
The universe is flowing while physicists come up with a fixed solution.
What remains is meaningless.
Because, every moment, even while we are reading this, a new one has already taken its place!

Researchers confirm previous cases of transmitted gene flow between people’s relatives, pointing to examples of hybridization.
At the end of this research, they explain that there is a transfer through DNA!… The statement that “DNA from an unidentified ancestor is passed to people living today” seems to have thrown away all known studies, all believes, all decisions.
That is why, what we believe as the consequence of the stories we have made up for thousands of years will disappear completely in the near future.
The truth of life’s own order, I don’t know if we will be fascinated by the fact that people show us their inventions naked one day, but as a result of reading the universal alphabet, I realized that all systems with traditional and cultural infrastructures will be destroyed very soon?
Yes, I know it’s so clear now.
This is not an allegation.
This is telling today that one must understand that it is a result of living in a system that depends on how much one’s believes are!..
Will we ever get tired of getting one-sided pleasure from so much repetition resulting from the mindset we have personalized?
How long will we continue to want to shape our quest for infinity with concepts such as better, smarter, more beautiful, and even the arrogance of being God?
Unfortunately, we don’t want to understand the life by making the decision of “I’m fine like this, don’t touch me.”
Numan in aware that he is the slave of his thoughts, the owner of his pain, and the perpetrator of the most incredible violence in life. He cannot see that his thoughts are trigger duality and duality triggers violence.
When did life begin, how did it begin, how did it get there, we don’t know?
We are only trying to explain and understand with theories, but let’s not forget that concept of theory is to look for God!..
So, our life until now is wrong!..
I’m not saying that. Nature is saying that. Your results after the courage to decide are not in accordance with the truth at all. You might say “BUT… we were life itself.”
Of course, we are.
However, nature comes into play here, and nature puts before us the conclusion that all our decisions are on the wrong path! after our courage to decide.
Since; we are afraid of God according to our belief, since; God is eternal, so why do we hide behind our lie hat God forgives when we are in trouble?
Or weren’t we the ones who just dared to decide?
Now, let’s get off the wrong (!) path, live according to the laws of nature, respectfully and free mind, what do you say?
Or, should we wait for God to forgive all our sins!..