Habit is sided


Language forms a habit because it is interpreted by human beings; and leaves it alone with the truth of “Habit does not know itself, so its consequence too”. Because people think that they live with the meaning of the language, they can’t encounter the new in anyway. Therefore, with his numb mind, he can’t be free from his false past. The human who has survived to the present (!) can’t create anything new except repeating it as a species.
What they remember, produce and all their goals and plans for the future serve no purpose other than creating a chain of repetitions for thousands of years as pertaining to the knowledge of the past.

Yeah, he left his virtual world, which he personalized according to the list of needs, to drift in the whirlpool of repetitions (!) In fact, his mind, which is convinced that there will be a way out, constantly creates professions without questioning it? He is so brave that he has the courage to exist in a profession for many years without realizing the traumatic mental process of his brain, which has been numbed with subliminal messages for thousands of years, to decide (!)
However, every profession has a psychic infrastructure, a life experience and a history, and every profession does nothing but make people feel that it is a savior, as it supports a specialization branch.
As those who know say; “There is no one to save, no one to cure, no one to make happy…”
Human should know this well; the continuation of systems suitable for personal interests constantly supports the creation and diversification of professions.

In the latest report of the World Economic Forum (WEF) states; “…the majority of companies expect to make changes in their position, value chain and workforce size over the next 5 years due to factors beyond technology. By 2025, we estimate that 85 million jobs could be displaced due to the shift in the division of labor between humans and machines, and 97 million roles that are more compatible with the division of labor between humans could emerge…”
By subliminal messages such as “You will earn more money… If you want to be happy, this is your country… You have the right to live as a human being…” by brainwashing you, in fact, slaves are created to work for their own expectations. Therefore, in order for the system to work, the laws are constantly changed in accordance with the system, not for the welfare of the people.
Despite the world’s perfect order, the people enslaved by the system builders fail to realize that they are being tossed this way and that in the current of their irresponsibility. Because, being convinced that he will be happy with small touches, he considers it a very special duty to act in accordance with someone’s plans.
He forgets that he is a slave because he puts the peace of obedience to his leader at the corner of his life.
Making someone believe such lie as, “You are a great employee… Here, this is your success… There is no one who does it better than you…” -even after thousands of years- makes them repeat so blindly that they can’t even see that they are getting themselves into trouble.

Wrong, etymologically, includes meanings such as “Side, False, Error”.
When we consider the whole life of today’s people, we see that they are unhappy, depressed, afraid of their future, distrustful, personalized, impatient, and psychic.
That is, it is in a traumatic mindset.
This situation is not today, yesterday, the previous day, but a result that has been put on top of it for hundreds of thousands of years. Human, because of his traditions and beliefs; He even loses his world, which is his only home, because of his fears. When we consider it, today’s people are homeless and the truth that they cannot see is; the roof under which he tucked his head will soon be demolished. Because of his fears, he does not realize that he is crawling in his little world of medals and appreciation, while repeating irresponsible behavior in order to make someone happy.
The difference between truth and truth; real: it means to be tangible, visible, and truth; It is neither tangible nor visible, but as the movement of the intelligence that makes up the universe, it describes being “NOTHING”.
Well; the opposite of the situation today’s people are in (!)

To be responsible; being in life, realizing what belongs to life, and taking responsibility require people to question.
It brings a questioning person to be free from the mind, to respect all living things as a part of the universe, and to accept any living thing without marginalizing it.
Most importantly, it brings about getting rid of habits. Because the universe has not depended on habits.
Since intelligence is the universe, because the universe is free, it has been a part of intelligence in all living things in the universe.
People should realize that; human is a living thing on earth…
human is a part of the universe that the earth is in…
human is the intelligence that makes the universe come into being.
Otherwise, it will take its place in the universal record as the least lived species in the world.