Impersonal person!


The eye is an organ that creates the verb to see. The universal magnificence of the eye is, unlike the other 4 sense organs, it affects all signals coming from other organs to the brain through the Thalamus.
In addition to being depth coverage, it’s also so effective about totality of the memory, that is the key to the mental react.
All the sense organ is vital, but the eye, that provides the verb to see, is an inseparable part of our everyday life for our decisions to make, is the companion of our psychology!
The Eye ensures the fact of Observation, Observer and Observed (communication-relationship) during the day.

Unlike the other livings on Earth, human brain, that uses 5 of the sense organs at the same time, is depends on the “Causality Principle”, grown better in evolution, and this size contributed to evolution not only physically but also mentally.
When we look the human life, we see that man personalized their life at the point it arrived until now.
With fear-based mind, they constantly feel forced to admit himself/herself as a quality to make sense of something.
In fact, it makes everything a quality!
However, man has created the rings of this chain of qualities with twoness decisions. Because the human mind starts from the past and it is limiter.

Since the first time we woke up in the morning, we start to think, keep creating chain of decisions.
We expect positive consequences from our twoness-based needs that we grab with tweezers through this entire cycle. When it does not happen, we ask for solution from we believe and complain by saying “Why did it occur to me?”
But in fact, we don’t want to see the “happened thing” that we create ourselves…
By thinking… depending on the knowledge we have from our mental past, and most vitally since we believe we have a personality… we even deny what we created.
Nature, that is; the universe does not form a personality.
Because “Causality Principle” is the reason of the happened thing but not itself.
The structure of the environment allows what is, but it is not itself.
Universe moves dynamically.
This dynamic structure does not allow a moment to repeat.
Death and birth are the reasons of that but not itself.
Dynamic life constantly occurs, but it won’t be infinite.
If there is infinity, there won’t be birth and death.
There won’t be “Causality Principle”.
There won’t be universe!…
Basically, there won’t be anything!
We, as human beings, accept that we create a personality, and we can’t understand that we made the repetition of the “Personality” info that we are constantly changing and throwing away into our mental dump, static in the dynamic universe.
That’s why, we attribute anything that occur to us to a creator, constantly complain, even blame the creator and supposedly comfort ourselves.
In fact, the truth is; the consequences come us later… such as diseases, unhappiness, being traumatic… some consequences are due to static belief (personality), unfortunately we cannot realize it. “Personality” as word; includes an opposite meaning of the “Causality Principle” and forms “Individual” belief with subliminal messages.
When we consider the happenings in the world, we seem to admit it as human-induced, right?
However, because we admit life as a singular, we hold someone else responsible and put the blame on them.
This situation like this in our personal lives too!
Yes, we all have personalities and that thing send us into the lap of our individualized consequences.
We shouldn’t complaint at all. Because, we all live without problems, also we are all blind for reading the life!