Intelligence is the truth!


Human has been directed to the just one subject by the ones who say “…we gave you a wisdom…” for thousands of years; “You are to read to reach the knowledge.”
We have to.
We see the following in the history of a person who drew narratives on tree bark, leather, on the wall, kept notes, founded schools, even wrote books and continued to write; while trying to move forward in the light of all this information, man made decisions based on this information.
Still, just because -he was believed (!)- not only he started to went through tough days that he did not able to get rid of during the days of getting the information, but also he did not comprehend the truth!
Nowadays, the situation that we live summarizes that!
If we get that the fundamental knowledge discovered by first people was hundreds of thousands of years in time, we can agree that the universe, without knowing the beginning, does not even take a time as blinking an eye!
Well, it is said that “you have to read to reach the knowledge” when we go back continuously, including all those books and scientists.
It is true that it is said, alright but have we ever thought about how can we touch the real mccoy of reading?
Once we take a glance at humans decisions; No.
We know neither what is reading nor how to read…
The answer is actually simple; we cannot read because we are accustomed to living with a duality point of view, because of the traumas it generates in us, and because we make bold decisions that cause the separation between us and you with our personality that we are made to believe.
I would like to share a study’s result that has been worked on recently with you. It is a pleasant example for how we created the situation that we live in…
Between 2015 and 2020, the research center in the UK started to understand cognitive impairment in people with Dementia Alzheimer’s and to find cures for these diseases: monitoring the running behavior of mice in a spinning wheel. In the tests, at first, the electrodes connected to the mouse’s brain were made to run in a wheel. In the first 3 months after they started running, biochemical analyzes of the mice showed that their concentrations increased significantly and they relaxed cognitively. During testing, it was determined that running can significantly slow the progression of this illness. (currently, it is primarily recommended for such patients.)
The tests were done both day and night also they were done with medicine and without medicine.
Apart from that, the downforce of the drug-free mouse was also tested by applying a special paint to its sole before running in the wheel. The result brought up another unexpected issue this time. It has been determined that the mouse, whose sloes were painted with pant, never stepped on the same ground again while running in the wheel. However, it was determined that the medicated ones stepped on the same place shortly after they started walking!
This result of the tests, lead the context of the research to another direction.
In the research center, they started to do this test on the treadmill to reach the psychopathological results of Dementia Alzheimer patients.
In the tests they came across with the unexpected results; “Those with cognitive impairments have as much of the same footing as possible.” Researchers, therefore; “Does dementia occur as a result of motor dysfunction and repetitions in alzheimer’s patients?” raised the question.
To sum up, recently,there is a truism in the researches that is done for patients with dementia-alzheimer, which is ; it is known that repetition creates the cognitive impairment.
In fact, research centers on psychological disorders approach this issue from the same point of view, and it is determined that there are constant repetitions in the therapeutic approach. After all; the patient does not realize that is it lost and repeated in his personalized time.
Well, let’s talk about “You are to read to reach the information.”
First things first, we have to understand that our repetitions will not let us to get anywhere.
That can be eighter the life that appears after the education progress -including the best universities of the world-, or a life without an education.
So, we read to reach the information bu we do not know what we do read?
Is that the beliefs of the one who experienced a short time ago before us or the psychic reflections of the decisions we have made and personalized from him.
I can throw out that it is impossible recognize ourselves without knowing the reality of reading and to touch on the universal alphabet to improve us.
Reading is an universal truth.
It does not matter where or how it is, reading; is only possible with connection and contact.
Today, because we have non-communicative relationship, we accept our previous experiences and our repetitive thoughts, we are drowning in our repetitions and therefore we cannot read.
To put it in a simple say; we must touch the truth of Observe, Observer and is Observed to read it.
Reading happens within these three “Principles of Causation”: Observation: Intelligence, Observer: I, Observed: You.
Well, reading takes place when me and you in the universe transparently touch each other when there is no time, no space and no thought. Otherwise, what is created in the world today will continue to be created because we cannot read!..
Intelligence, which existed when there was no living species, even when the universe did not exist, enables all living things in the universe to live. We should not forget that; all our features and habits have always been dependent on the conditions for our survival, after they emerged from the mother’s womb.
Intelligence is; me, you.
Intelligence is; everything.
Intelligence is; truth.
Because we cannot understand that our repetitions creates our chains, as if that were not enough, then we live in the dream afterwards because of our repetitions we follow what we believe.
A person who has started to take part in life a short time ago is looking for a solution to the repetition of his belief that he created with symbols and signs, and it seems like he is doing his best in this regard, isn’t it? However, the fact that intelligence came before the physical structure that man could not understand yet!
The thing that makes the one swallow…
The thing that makes the one walk…
The thing makes the one breathe…