Involuntary mind!


Do not be surprised by what you will see the moment you come out of it.
When you realise that you are not yourself, that you have no body, you will realise that you are “Nothing” in the pool of timelessness (!)
You think that you exist because you are convinced that you are an individual. Therefore, prostrating that everything belongs to you, you mentally own what you do not know.
However, nothing belongs to you and will never belong to you.
We do not know what was before. What we need to realise is that before also came from nothing. So, if we can be nothing, we can live in the present instead of dealing with the future.
You should know that life is aimless in the principle of causelessness, but it never allows exceptions to its laws.

Modern humans and Neanderthals share a derived version of a transcription factor gene known as FOXP2, which differs from the chimpanzee version by two amino acid changes. FOXP2 affects fine motor control of facial muscles, which is necessary for the emergence of speech. Despite having the same primary sequences as Neanderthal, the regulation of FOXP2 genes in modern human brain neurons differs from Neanderthal.
Molecular biology research tells us that these genetic clues, the language in our differences in symbolic and cultural behaviour today, appeared in our lineage some time after we split from our common ancestor with Neanderthal, and probably no later than 150,000 to 200,000 years ago.
This genetic structure, which stands before us as one of an unknown number of examples, proves that we modern humans change in the process of evolution.
In other words, we develop as we change and change as we develop.
Well, why do things keep repeating themselves in human life today, when we have started to reveal the results of many researches like this?
Could it be that we cannot realise ourselves internally?
If we recognise that even a single cell in life has intelligence, we can take the first step towards ourselves and break this cycle of obscurity (!)

Man’s asking himself the question “IS THERE ANY REALITY ABOUT MYSELF, PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY?” brings him in front of the exit door and then waits for him to open the door and come out (!)
In order to be aware of oneself, one has to erase the old.
The biggest problem of the human being is the mental trauma he creates because he makes a decision by thinking, and his allegiance to the reality of the dream in which he believes he lives in security. A large part of the people have stated that it is not possible to survive without suffering, and a part of them have believed in the discourse that “there is no life without faith” and have created a constant duality.
Duality opens the door to marginalisation, and with this model of thinking, which is a personal point of view, one can never comprehend the truth between birth and death.

From the human point of view, all of life before the primate period describes a process of change related to universal intelligence.
The intervention in human DNA initiated by extraterrestrials in order to rationalise it, started our thinking in the primate period, continued with the humanoid, and reached its peak in the modern human.
Thought is etymologically derived from “Dream”, but it is a mental trigger with the meaning of “Dü”, i.e. two (Duality). Thought is a word with so many meanings that it has been personalised with the suffix “Ün” and has created mental slavery due to its 1st singular structure with the imperative “Think”.
Although it seems to be a decision of our own, it is a form of “involuntary” behaviour.
Even involuntariness means the imperative mood from the root “Want”, 1st person singular and “I”. In today’s sense, “Individual” or “Person” means “Ego” which is the root of our psychology and forms the basis of our mental slavery.

If we cannot understand our primate mind structure originating from our subconscious, we will not be able to calm the storms of our mental and personalised world and we will not be able to get rid of being on the tail of someone and the beliefs they create. Because, the primate mind structure changes the chemical structure according to the situation it is in as a psychic trigger originating from “Fear” as “Flee or Fight”.
The human being has established an imaginary world due to his fear and insecurity, which is to stay alert (!) originating from evolution until today, and since he has been made to continue believing in this world (!), he has covered it with his thoughts that he has accepted as a solution.
If man can discover that thought is only an illusion, he can realise a comprehension that does not contain the shadow of the past, his fears and time. From a psychological point of view, when everything brought by thought is fully realised, only “Love”, “Compassion”, “Intelligence” emerges.
Man is not in the meaning he adds to the words he creates on fear and insecurity, but in the life in which he is “Nothing”.