Life without need!


“False”, derived from the root “wrong”, emerged as a religious word in the mid-5th century in Southern Scotland in the sense of not in accordance with the doctrine, and was supported by meanings such as “Unbelieving, Deliberate, False, Immoral”. Until the 12th century, it spread from this region to Europe and especially the “Witch Hunt” period can be said to have been born as a result of the word “False”.
Today, it has evolved as “Yan/ıl-mak”.
The word “wrong” is still used today, but not as a religious doctrine. Instead, it has been attributed meanings such as “deviating from the right path, making mistakes, mischievous”.
So, from where and according to what does the human being attribute the meanings he/she has attributed to words since the day he/she felt his/her existence or thought he/she knew himself/herself? In this regard, scientific researchers claim that “the human brain must be triggered by a symbol or a shape.”
MIT Picower Institute for Learning and Memory researchers, as a result of a study conducted on live subjects; “Gamma frequency rhythm activities in the prefrontal cortex have been shown to coordinate the neural representation of the information that enables it to be retained in the mind”, revealing that our brain accepts without question. In other words, the participating neurons in the prefrontal cortex work in coordination to focus our thoughts, and therefore our decisions.
This shows how focussing arises. However, the situation expressed in these sentences raises another question far beyond being an explanation; “Who thinks? Who decides?”
The only answer that comes to my mind is; “The 6 second rule!…”
If we go to the beginning of the universe, we find the answer beyond!
The intelligence that created the first element with the laws of the principle of causality and created the whole process until today.

Now, let’s come to another issue related to this.
Firstly, a sub-study of Artificial Intelligence called “Machine Learning”.
Machine Learning, in short, means “accessing more data by analysing what it finds in the data sets it can access”.
To record the data there, anywhere, without understanding what it is, how it is, where it comes from!
Does this remind you of anything?
I think it should!…
Well, Artificial Intelligence.
In a nutshell, it is “a ‘mindless’ system that imitates human intelligence, iterates the data it collects (meaning repetition), and reveals that it makes decisions on its own…”
Artificial intelligence is claimed to think, whereas it has not developed any function other than being a set of repetitions that design itself in the process of super-enhanced data analysis. Because its substructure is the human mind!…
That is, the chain of “Mindless” codes that man has realised from the very beginning, built on the “Wrong” foundation.
As a result, both studies will never be able to go further than being “Wrong”, which sets out from the knowledge of the past, naturally involved in a “Mindless” commercial cycle within its past.

So what do you think so many people in the world who are interested in this subject are doing?
Simply, they are mentally masturbating, fooling themselves, living their stupidity in the cycle of “I am smart”.
The word “wrong” I mentioned above is actually a very valuable word that describes this whole “stupid process” that is happening today even after centuries!
Now, I can summarise this “stupid process” as follows;
1- The “I am smart” cycle of man is the fear-based belief originating from the primate mind structure.
2- His desire to create “Artificial Intelligence” is his drowning in his cognitive impasse that he thinks he is interfering with the process in nature with his “Transhumanist” point of view in order to “play God”.
3- The fact that those who say “We have given you reason”, instead of accepting the commandment of “Read”, stand against it and become a tool for the rules of the dark side.
The common point of all these three is that “man is struggling in his mistakes, obeying his personalised mental structure and he is heading towards extinction.”
It is very easy to manipulate our brains, to believe any information without knowing what it is. As long as we put the one who says it somewhere as upper class and become the one who obeys!

Man always considers himself “intelligent”. Let’s accept that he is “Intelligent” so far. But what kind of a future will he present without knowing the principle of causality of the universe?
Here, he can never see this…
US citizen Leonard Mlodinow, the son of a Holocaust survivor, with his book on “Subliminal” messages, has helped to go even deeper into the mental slavery of man.
Today, these messages are used to deceive people and achieve fatal results in order to justify their own personal interests.
In fact, the virtual world we call “Social Media”, which is an extension of subliminal messages, has turned human life into even more mental slavery today.
So, did Mlodinow do the right thing?
No, he did not.
Because he did not see the consequences that would arise due to his Holocaust-rooted mentality, and because he did not know the principle of causality of the universe, he realised his subconscious revenge.
Billions of people in the world make dozens of decisions every day, all of them saying “My decision is the right one”.
Well, do we humans know that the consequences of these decisions, which are in accordance with nature, in accordance with other living beings, will not cause mass disasters?
Of course, no.
Einstein is a great example of this!…
In the 5th century, the word “wrong”, which was not in accordance with religious doctrine, cost the lives of thousands of people in that period alone.
“Wrong” is still valid in the 21st century at a much higher level than those days. Moreover, today, with the endeavour of the man who claims to be more “Intelligent” to become a god!

The only feature that distinguishes man from other living things is that his DNA has been interfered with. This intervention does not distinguish man from other living creatures, does not make him different or even more intelligent. It only guides man to read the book of the universe.
Man should read because he has been given reason.
Man should question because he has been given reason.
Man should know that there is truth because he has been given reason.
There is only one truth that we need to know; that is, in the universe that is changing at the moment, there is no repetition, there is no artificial intelligence, there is never a lie.
If we can realise the truth of “Read” by using our intellect in a place we do not know, in an essence we have never known, in a word we have never heard, then we can see life.
To live as one who does not need to have learnt to know, who knows what he knows and realises what he does not know is to live.