Personalized non-future


If there is a predetermined, planned future with targets, there is repetition rather than life.
There are fears.
There is assurance.
There are traditional and cultural lives, and personalized non-future.
This means there are dead lives.
For those who believe such a life exists, the traumatic end is inevitable. Because the future of thought, dream and mental effort is created with a non-communicative relationship!..

Etymologically, feeling includes the action of touching which tells the current time. But the touching action here corresponds to staying at a timeless and spaceless moment rather than physical contact. It has neither a thought nor a dream nor a mental impact.
Although “feeling” is described as the characteristic of the species before humans and explained as an emotion in general, it is actually the evolution process and aptitude that humans are in.
Yes, “feeling” is about staying in the moment.
It is about communication and forming a relationship with life.
It is a complete state of inertia and this state represents the nothingness in Islamic mysticism and the quantum world in science.
Humans, as a species, have the capability to read with a “Universal Alphabet” but unfortunately, the mental composition is procrastinated due to a sense of fear and security from the primate period.
Moreover, humans raised themselves to form relationships without communication due to personalized beliefs after starting to think and this rise became deified among the mental composition which replaced the procrastinated competence.
The personalized decisions of humans that bring the fears about the future forward with the Millennium age created the technological applications which created a chain of procrastination where in reality, the results are not felt. Despite the reality of “us”, this theism game increasingly led the humans to dry up and now, the humans are running to become mutants!
However, there is only one human on Earth.
… and that human is alone.
…and no matter how numerous in number, they are all one and the same human.

As the researchers found that the human brain shrunk from 1,450 grams to 1,435 grams in just a few thousand years, they started to ask, “where do we do wrong” question which in fact shows where we are running towards.
This means the physical loss of our brain explains the virtual world we replace instead.
The living but dead human is now disappearing!
This blindness for humans who try to continuously change reality into a static case at the moment which is connected to the “causality principle” of the universe means a toxic life. For example, the antidepression drug sales rate on the World Health Organization website and decisions of the governments on this subject actually reflects the reality!
Sustainability and circular economy terms which are the reflections of the continuous subliminal messages to meet the expectations of certain individuals show that humans are disregarded. Therefore, “personalized non-future” which are made up by humans is a reality that needs to be understood.
Yes, the idea that creates the unknowns of tomorrow in a torn-up brain by mental manipulation is in fact the belief that “I am God!”
It is normal for a person who looks at life and thought but is blinded by the fact that thought is a past and mental reaction to transform into this state.
Humans must see that sustainability and circular economy concepts which are imposed on them create repetitions providing assurance for the personalized systems of some other people.
…such that, if something is sustainable and has a circular structure, there is repetition and that repetition again creates personalized non-future!
If a “thing” is accepted over a circular economy, it should be noted that it is the thing that forms the largest problem in nature i.e., all living beings including humans.

Whether there is a positive or a negative perspective, both cannot go beyond being a concept made up by humans. Because dualist perspective (the thought has passed and divides) is the indispensable truth of human life and it is a lie! When we look at the lives of the people who introduced these concepts, we can see all the biases of this model.
First, we need to understand the reality of “Read” and read life with the “Universal Alphabet”.
The imprisonment of people who haven’t comprehended what they have read in the courts becomes an example despite having high ranks and the reality of continuing positive and negative nonsense is revealed.
Realizing the life in “Causality principle” which is the order of nature reveals that personalized non-future a thought.
This brings us to be free of the mind.
It teaches us that everything is timeless and happens at the moment.

Humans claim that thought creates solutions but fails to realize that thought is the past and external. Therefore, humans fail to comprehend that the traumatic mental cycle started in the primate period and the same structure continues in the sustainable life.
Reading with the “Universal Alphabet” enables us to communicate and form a relationship with our own universe (there is only one human on Earth) and this reality shows that we can only hear the door when it rings from inside.

Looking at life is a competence, but we choose to be blind. Since we choose to be blind, we became the slaves of the system. While billions of humans act with a procrastinating mentality, we cannot break our cycle of pleasure due to our masturbation.
“Imaginary targets” appear in our minds suffocated with guesses and we believe in reasons personalized with deceits we present with critical decisions in today’s consumption madness. Therefore, we don’t have to get rid of “Me”!…

As long as we continue to take off our hat to terms like the global economy, circular economy, and sustainable economy, we won’t be able to save ourselves from being the slaves of the system.
Unfortunately, the pleasure of masturbation is above anything else for us who talks about losses and protection as we follow the tails of the thoughts in our mind that took the risk to lose our entire life instead of the reality of the truth.
I don’t know how and when will we let go of the submission in our primate-rooted minds which believe in the lie that our life has a purpose and we need to fight for it but it doesn’t seem possible for our habits to change as long as our traditional and cultural interests follow the tail of a allegiance.
The main idea in “the habit does not know itself and therefore, its consequences” is that we continue to create a cycle which we continuously complain about and try to get rid of!
Although personalized non-future is a mentally accepted chain of repetitions, we love to add new chains and make them longer!..