Rebellious Threat!


When was the last time a person questioned themselves?
…I see that they haven’t.
If they had, they wouldn’t have become slaves by following the path dictated by someone else’s teachings. Consequently, they would have realized that the traditions passed down through thousands of years, traditions in which the culture believes there is a benefit to obedience, have a history based on a misguided perception.
Human beings must first educate themselves, understand that they need mental freedom to educate themselves, and then open the door to the universe.
Looking at life on Earth, we observe that all living beings communicate and educate each other.
Except for humans!!!

To live is to “find the truth within ourselves.”
For this, we must create a mental revolution.
The revolution that will take place here is the revolution of one’s responsibility.
For a long time in the world, we see a single recurring truth: individuals who have adapted to the system shattered by all kinds of foolishness and cruelty such as conflicting beliefs, class distinctions, nationalism, borders, flags, wars!!!
Yes, individuals who do nothing but cling to the tail of the deception that “if age doesn’t suit you, you should adapt to age”!!!
Human beings must confront their own experiences in order to educate themselves and break free from decay.

Shams Tabrizi (1185-1248) says, “In love, words have no place.”
Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986): “Truth is a country with no paths.”
Bruce H. Lipton (1944-….) also converges with explanations like ” It’s the environment, stupid”: “MOMENT.”
Indeed, the statement of all three, “MOMENT,” also explains how the universe is.
When there are no words, we stay in the “MOMENT.”
When we realize there is no path to truth, we stay in the “NOW.”
In the encounter with the environment, we stay in the “MOMENT.”
Therefore, we must know this very well: it is crucial for humans to live in the truth of staying in the “MOMENT” rather than getting entangled in the words’ deception.
The difference between knowing and understanding tells us that we should stay in the “MOMENT”
when we realize there is no way to truth. Because what we know is our past made up of words, a slavery imposed on us.
Our repetitive cycles, where we have built and destroyed systems for thousands of years without realizing that we are drowning in stagnant, outcome-dependent systems, have nothing to do with the “MOMENT.” These cycles are built on the information of the past created by thought.
Although the system is etymologically defined as “consisting of many elements,” we are convinced of its mobility.
However, staying in the “MOMENT” is being in mental freedom.

Do you know why humans love to tell stories or constantly tell stories and even lie? Because they have to tell for the continuation of their traditions and culture.
They have to maintain credibility.
They have to lie because they do not live with awareness.
They have to convince themselves that their system continues and that they live safely!!!
However, it is known that the past history of humans is full of systems and they all collapsed.
The 3.000-year-old Chinese Dynasty…
The 2.000-year-old Roman Empire…
The 624-year-old Ottoman Empire… These are just a few examples of systems established by people that have collapsed.

Since the universe is dynamic, it constantly changes, and it happens in every “MOMENT.”
The universe does not move based on time, space, or body.
All living things constantly change.
They diversify because they change.
All living things renew.
While renewing, they live in the “MOMENT.”
…Except for humans!!!
I want to give you an example.
The collaboration of Salmon, Bear, and Cedar Tree… The cooperation of the Elephant, the Fig Bee and the Fig Tree tells us how life happens.
The struggle of Salmon swimming upside down during spawning season, Bear eating Salmon for its roe, scattering the remaining pieces around, the Cedar Trees absorbing vitamins from the Salmon’s remains through their roots, growing with minerals, ensuring the elongation of their trunks, is one of the most beautiful examples of universal relationships…
In Africa, the relationship between Elephant, Fig Wasp, and Fig Tree is not just about the death of one Wasp. Entering the Fig in awareness of the Wasp’s death, pollinating it, being the means for the sprouting of new lives with its eggs, Figs kilometers away detecting the scent of the fallen figs and coming to eat them, and then their droppings causing new trees… tells us how life happens.
All the examples we don’t know the count of; tell the truth that “everything is related to each other.”
Due to our teachings, we cannot see these “MOMENTs” in communication and relationship.
We think we live in a mindset of “Don’t touch me, I’m fine” because we don’t know ourselves and haven’t asked ourselves who we are.
If, between birth and death, just once in the “MOMENT,” we could say “I am not who I am,” we would realize that all the doors of the universe are open.