Solution without suggestion


The words “profession, job”, whose origin is not fully known, contain many meanings. The reason for its complexity stems from the fact that it starts in harmony with the understanding of religious service. The side used today stands out as “Career.”
It is classified as serious because there is a mental distinction between the person who makes a living and the person who manages the person who works for his livelihood.
For this reason, a classification has been brought to the color, religion, power, mind and even gender.
Is it possible to set aside all these and earn a living in the right way?
In today’s conditions, there is no such working model, no mental freedom.
Occupations that have emerged as a consequence of a complete hierarchical planning and there are mental roots in those occupations. Because professions are built on systems.
We blindly track the economic solution, given that efficiency turns into ruthlessness, and violence misdirects earnings.
Therefore, we don’t understand anything, we fall victim to working models almost 24/7.
The mentality of exploitation and this mentality, which is the reason for war, has produced occupations based on greed, making it possible to have a right profession.
Let alone creativity, there is no question of tomorrow for a person who is at the point of transferring even creativity to computers today.
It is impossible for man to see the truth in the infinity thought mode.
For people who can’t realize their inner freedom, existence is experienced as painful experience and it has ended with death.
Human has built his business on culture, tradition, ambition, and greed.
While he was cruel, deceitful, and cunning in his work, he went as for as to give himself a medal for being smart.
Priority for people who want to have right profession; it starts with being free from the mind. Creativity will always bloom for people who have a profession by touching what communication and relationship building is, by looking at where reading takes people, and most importantly by talking with the “Universal Alphabet.”

If a person wants to see and read the truth of being human, he must first face himself, free himself from all teachings, cultures, and traditions, including a guiding leader of leaders.
Instead of putting being human in the top drawer of any thought, he should know how to live his life transparently, nakedly, and most importantly, free from the mind.
Today, under the title of “branches of psychology”, it tells how we live without seeing how much expectation and hope we create a chain of assumptions even by dealing with a subject of its own with mental divisions.
Creating duality in this profession, which forms the basis of the mental structure of every living thing, is a true example of how we become irresponsible.
For this reason, it is underlying to act with the ambition of “I will be a leader one day” in a hierarchical mindset and to see every living thing as a rival (!)
The dividing, duality-creating structure of thought is not only a result of internal conflict, but also the main source of human society.

If parent’s raising their children according to themselves and wanting to get results by transferring genetic information shows how sterile they are, it will not do anything but repeat the process by accepting the same mentality of their child over time.
A frightened person’s mind is small, inactive and can’t live freely because he can’t choose what he wants.
Knowing what fear is and being able to live with love brings wealth that no money can buy.
Every solution that the proposal forms the basis of, which is usually brought the parents, is a good example of a work life doomed to end in disappointment and a painful experience. Therefore, the professional careers of businesspeople who are believed to be successful are full of biographies where their wishes are not considered (!)
A person is responsible for himself is also responsible for society. Such a person contributes to life by producing solutions without suggestions.
He does it by jumping over the fence of a monotonous life model, loving his job as a free person, knowing that it will be free and beneficial to the universe.