Static foundationalist!


Monopoly etymologically means “Static Inefficiency… Waste of Resources…”.
Monopoly is a deception that derives its day from a personalized, status-dependent mindset called a patent, created for a single purpose and goal. Thus, for believers of created slavery, it is simply the process of masturbation.
Monopoly, as it is a system that creates ethnic identity, causes the human mind to become dull by constantly using it for its interests.
Monopoly ensures that the primate-originated human being, whose mental basis is based on fear and insecurity, remains uncompromised, violent, and vulnerable with the grouping line he created under the same conditions. That’s why, in nature, history repeats only for humans, the war between humans never ends.
Monopoly is greed that repeats the laws it hides behind, while making people, accept the economic terminology with -subliminal messages- in order to protect the system it has created and claiming that “I have secured you (!).”
Since monopoly violates all the laws of nature, it disrupts the balance of life in the world, threatens the future of living things, and causes species extinction.
The monopolies, the systems that man has created now, have nothing to do with life, including the religions included in it. It continues its mental decay in the whole of the monopolized systems it has created.
Monopoly originated from a theory of belief accepted as foundational in philosophy. Fundamentalism is also a belief unrelated to evolution, although it claims to be the reason for living without being attached to other beliefs.
It is a belief like “logic,” which the ancient Greek philosophers called “knowledge,” and it cannot go beyond the theory of these foundationalists seeking God.
Even if he claims to know monopoly or does scientific studies to gain knowledge and produces theories, he can’t know anything because he doesn’t know how to read with the “Universal Alphabet.”
The person who denies the monopoly, who is out of the circle of proposition, experience, and senses, proves that his mind has rotted, accepts that he has become vulnerable, and only such a person is religious (!)
A monopolist can never be religious.
To be religious, he must not kill, but he does because he moves with the primate mindset.
To be religious, he must live in harmony with nature, but he does not because the pleasure he personalizes becomes his priority.
To be religious, he must hear the door knocking from the inside, and on the contrary, he lives with his traditions outside; he does not knock on the door; he keeps it locked all the time. Because he surrenders his traumatic life, which he built on fear, into someone else’s hands to pledge allegiance.
To be religious, he must be responsible for life, but he is irresponsible. Because he denies the truth of life.
To be religious, he has to destroy his monopolized system, but he chooses to live dependent on his imaginary system (Monopoly). Because he doesn’t feel that he is rotting.
He cannot be religious as long as he believes his culture and traditions shape his life!
There seems to be only one truth that has emerged in human life so far, and that is “Man dies as a slave.”
No matter how much money he has,
No matter how much he claims to be free,
He continues to suffocate in the psychic time he created with his mental traumas. He who denies the laws of nature cannot go beyond repeating his personal life, which he calls “human-specific.”
For thousands of years, its class-dividing symbols have rendered their mental enslavement under the influence of their signs deadly to other living things within their limited framework.
Such a person cannot be religious.

Living is not a journey of change or transformation but personal development training.
To live is the blossoming freedom of pathless truth; this life is truth and religious.
A person cannot read with the “Universal Alphabet” because he does not want to be religious.
The “Universal Alphabet” is the language of the journey of truth read by religious people, which does not contain words, which is universal and encompasses the entire universe.
Whether on earth, on another planet, or in another galaxy, all doors of the universe are open for a religious person who knows how to speak with the “Universal Alphabet.”
For this, there is neither a school, teacher, nor teaching.

When we encounter the completely new, all the old answers, rules, traditions, and culture, namely our minds, become inadequate.
We never know the new; we cannot answer.
Same as today (!)
The part of the person that makes the person here or thinks he is here is the relationship of the energy with the “Causality Principle.”
It happens when a man has freedom of energy and can speak with the “Universal Alphabet” appearing.
When a person realizes that he has a problem that cannot be postponed and deals with it, if all he sees is that the root of the problem belongs to him, he can touch the truth.
He is religious when he sees that his problem that cannot be postponed is his consciousness…
…and he knows that the old needs to die for the new to exist.
Death is the key to the new.
Since a person does not realize that death is time,
Because he accepts it as if it belongs to his own life,
Because he is a part of his future through his psychic mindset,
Because he creates the dream world,
He denies the truth and life with his virtual mindset by saying, “This is the truth,” and he thinks he lived in his repetitions.
Such a person is not religious.