Stupid sage!


The word “Fear”, which has an ashen (our addictions), “Ember” origin, is actually a chemical key that the human being will use to get out of it.
When we realise that reading is seeing, we see that fear is there and we attain our mental freedom. Otherwise, we will be among those who obey, slaves.
Fear is a physical stimulus as a chemical trigger for all living things: “Flee or fight”.
Human beings have laid the foundation of otherisation by personalising the fear that they have turned into a thought with the dualist point of view in which they were made to believe (!).
When we realise that thought is a past, decaying mental model, we realise that life is itself.

Because of our fears, we have created lives of constant verification, testing, trial and error.
The only answer life can give to the question “How can you tell whether something is right or wrong?” is that “when there is no time, there is no such thing as right or wrong”.
The concepts of right and wrong taught to us have only deepened our attachment to the tail of our addictive beliefs. That is all.
Today, role models such as CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors and even General Manager, which are accepted as the highest authority by commercial systems, and the President, Prime Minister and others sitting at the top of the country administrations… are accepted as the truths that are swallowed by people with religious terminology!
However, in life, there is no right and wrong and there is no manager.
Being a ruler in any matter among people shows that they are ruled.
The more a person believes that he/she is ruling, the more mentally paralysed he/she becomes and cannot see that he/she is being ruled.
He cannot realise that he lives because of his expectations, pleasures and masturbations in the instructions that he is a slave to with the subliminal messages he makes himself believe in.
The slave is actually himself.
If he cannot realise the truth of the director, he cannot get rid of slavery.

The continuation of our assumptions and acceptance shows that we are not developing mentally.
For example; the shrinkage of our brain weight from 1.450-1.500 gr. in Neanderthal times to 1.438 gr. today summarises the situation. The scientific explanation for this shrinkage is called “socialisation”!
Socialisation is a state of life belonging to the pre-human primate period.
Living in groups and reproducing in order to secure the “flight or fight” situation in the intuitive reality of nature.
When we look at human life around the world, do states, flags, security forces and deadly laws remind you of anything?
It is only now that we have to realise that man has been elevated to a different reality from this model of evolution because he has been intelligentised.
…in fact, as real as it is that we are part of nature, it is just as real that we have been intelligentised.
We need to realise that we no longer have to live intuitively, that we have been transformed from our primate background into Sapiens after the intervention of our DNA.
We need to realise that the environment triggers our interior.
We need to know that our inside moulds our outside, that we are an example.
We need to realise that our mind is not a personal part, but the truth of the whole.
It is estimated that 700 billion people have lived and died in the world until today. However, these numbers show the distortion of our mind. Because a human being lives in the world and that human being blossoms flower around him/her with seeds for the continuation of life.
We should live by using our minds without trying to draw conclusions and make sense of things that do not exist through experiments and tests.
For this, we have to realise that we have to read with the “Universal Alphabet”!

The truth is not the movement of the speed of light between two points, but the simultaneous movement of two points.
This truth, which stands before us in the reality of observation, observer, observed, warns that the dualist-based human mind, which constantly creates its own illusion, must leave the time pool. Today, the emerging non-communicative relationship describes exactly what is happening.

We cannot know what is happening on any planet of a galaxy far away from Earth, but whatever the moment is here, that moment continues there as a life of its own at the same time.
We have to see this!