Sublimated mind!


Do we have to share the same thought with other people?
Do we have to be on the tail of a one-sided system?
Do we have to pledge allegiance to a personalized belief?
…however, because we are life itself, we have to communicate and relate to every living thing around us. Because only then will we hear the knock on our door from inside.

Recently, a biophysicist from the University of California, San Francisco, Dr. Ben Larson and his team announced that they had found a clock-like functioning structure inside a microscopic organism with no brain.
In their study, the team determined how Tubulin-based fibers evaluate molecular processes to create simultaneous behaviors after the commands they give to the microscopic organism, and accordingly, a sort of information processing takes place.
In other words, these single-cell creatures were controlled by “networks of signaling molecules” rather than brains and nerves.
When Dr. Ben Larson explained, “This situation showed us that these single-cell creatures act together with the external environment to survive,” in fact, he was describing the “Causality Principle” that provides the life cycle.

Linguists consider humankind’s first encounter with the word “started on the Continent of Mu” about 50.000 years ago, according to Tibetan sources. The first words, called “word of the Gods,” have been transferred to the present day by undergoing changes in various cultures, both symbolically and in writing.
It is estimated that around 38,000 languages, which have been used for tens of thousands of years, have been spoken in the world so far, and most of them have disappeared over time.
The Encyclopedia of Ethnology of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom reports that there are now a total of 6.909 languages in the world, accepting the Sumerian “cuneiform” as man’s first regular words.

Based on this background information, I discuss how the word “Profession” changed according to its etymological structure.
It was first used by the Sumerians 4000 years ago, in the period of “Politeism,” that is, in the period of polytheistic religions, with the meaning of “mediating with the all-knowing god.”
Although the word profession has been given various meanings for thousands of years, it has generally forced people to act within the boundaries of a divine mindset. A even after thousands of years, when we look at the hierarchical structure of today’s companies, we see “Polytheism.” This time, the omniscient god was replaced by “Boss,” which comes from Modern French in early 1200 AD, and the mediator was replaced by “CEO,” which was used for the first time in the UK in 1984.
Although the words of the people who could gain the ability to speak over time have changed for thousands of years, unfortunately, in today’s business world, it makes them unhappy.
The “fear of losing my job,” which always breathes down all employees’ necks, both affects their future and makes them a slave to the CEO. To make matters worse, the CEO’s firing of his employee with the lie “we are restructuring” that he put into words because of the one who gave the instruction -A god-like boss- creates a separate problem.
You may have the following question in mind: “Don’t I have the opportunity to earn my life freely by putting all this aside?” In today’s world, there is no such possibility because those who build the economic system constantly confuse the employee’s mind with subliminal messages. Therefore, considering that the mental slaves under the heading of “Profession,” where efficiency turns into cruelty and profit pushes them to the wrong paths through violence, it seems normal that they are victims of the 24/7 work model.

The thought of this exploitative religious mentality that creates an inner war in human beings results in professions based on greed, making a correct working model impossible.
Most people overthink before asking someone for something. If we can reach the truth with our requests instead of flattering the arrogance of the addressee, it will be quick and easy to accomplish what is required, and we will be happy that we have succeeded!
Professions create irresponsibility, with the hierarchy and duality (hierarchy: rooted in fear, duality: insecurity) underlying their structure. Hence, in a profession, it is necessary to act with the ambition of “One day I will be the God who knows everything” because of the religious mindset, to make decisions, and to see every living thing as a rival.
From the moment life began to change on Earth, species developed a transparent intelligence. The humanoid, on the other hand, has been living a traumatic and chaotic until today by creating a personality that he accepts the duality perspective in his journey to intelligence. In fact, he will continue to live like this.
Since parents do not understand this process that results in the transfer of genetic information, it creates a vicious chain of suggestions. Unfortunately, the child does not realize that he has no choice but to repeat the process in the same mindset.
Every decision that forms the basis of the proposal is doomed to be a perfect example of the painful experience of professional life, which is doomed to fail. That’s why the “professional careers” of businesspeople who are believed to be successful today are full of biographies where their wishes have not been considered!

The biggest problem of man is the perfection that he says, “I am free,” on the other hand, is hidden in the delusion of arrogance.
This delusion is of horror origin because he is a prisoner of his beliefs.
This delusion is rooted in distrust because it copies the past.
Therefore, there is nothing new in human life.
In fact, he thinks, “I have succeeded in everything.” However, he could not see the arrogant face yet.
He wanders with his sublimated mindset, believing that he is the god of his profession who camouflages his lies.
He lives by opening the “Mine” door with the thoughtful key of “Me” and dies unhappy at the end of his traumatic life.

Going back to the first microscopic organism…
Does the fact that it lives within the causality principle show that it is more foolish than we are?
Or else…
As human beings, unfortunately, we will never understand this. Because while we live in a world in the corner of the universe where we do not know the beginning and the end, our inter-pleasure thought pattern that we create as a result of words in our brains gives us pleasure.
Say what?