The biggest betrayal


Today’s scientific research (the only model we have so far: The Big Bang Theory) shows that the universe began to be formed by hydrogen and helium atoms, and that the result that emerges is realized by environmental effects (possibilities) until us living on earth.
It also tells us that it came into being as a consequence of what is in relationship with its environment (possibilities), and that there is only one of each living thing. The “Causality Principle” of the universe; it is the truth that the conditions for a living thing to exist change every moment according to its location (the universe is dynamic), and that the environmental factors that provide this change are the only way to ensure the physical and mental development of that living thing.
Therefore; answer to question of “Can you show a single physical and mental truth to yourself?” will never be answered.
The important thing here is that we must understand that every living thing is a part of the universe in a dynamic universe, and we must respect the right to live of this wealth.
Despite this truth, instead of understanding that life depends on the change of the universe, man thinks that it belongs only to himself and is constantly mistaken!
The reason for this is that his mental is traumatic.
Unfortunately, since man doesn’t know how to live with “Normative”, he constantly invents what should be, and presents it as new because he can’t understand that it existed before because of his arrogance.
For thousands of years, because he believes that his thought is the way of salvation, he can’t find any solution, he gets lost in the fact that he created in his virtual world. Thought is both etymological and mental trauma that people make up to maintain their beliefs.
He lives with the decisions he makes, as in the example of the stupidity of constantly saying “I think, therefore I am”.
Man is perhaps the greatest radical in the universe because he thinks, and he decides.

The rule for experiencing the new is to have a dynamic mindset.
Deciding about the “thing” occurs when the signals we send to the brain are associated with past experiences, which means repetition.
However, the effect of the signals sent to the brain through announcements in the space within the brain cells allows us to stay in the moment.
However, since we as human beings are not aware of this process, unfortunately, we make decisions based on old experiences.
So, we skip staying in the moment.
That’s why the human mind, built on fear, lives its life in pain and unhappiness, irresponsibly, in the reality that it decides without touching their fears.

Today, many universities are doing “Hive Mind” studies. In fact, some companies have pursued telepathic communication by inserting a chip into the human brain.
The fact that many years ago, the Aborigines, the Dagon Tribe in Mali, and the Dagos, the natives of the Pacific Islands, communicated and interacted with telepathy from tens of kilometers away, shows how blind we are to life on earth.
These countries and moreover, with the nuclear bomb tests carried out in regions including these beautiful people of the world, show the greatest betrayal of man to himself.
The space inside a cell and our state of being this emptiness allow us to stay in the moment and become the universe, while eliminating our thinking process. As a person who has gained this freedom of mind and does not form a personality in a dynamic life, we touch the truth of reading the universal alphabet, which creates the way for telepathy.
The law of the universe, every living thing speaks to all other living things through the universal alphabet, and this flow of information is necessary for the development and comfort of the species.
This situation also eliminates the consciousness of that creature, time and space.
This is the state of being human.
The truth that one must understand; “Everything is intelligence.” There is no universe, there is intelligence, and because there is intelligence, there has been the universe, because there is intelligence, there has been life.
…and exactly;
Intelligence should die so it can reborn, and improve… change…