The Blind Intermediary


What is the most important intermediary in the world that produces a simple result despite all efforts and is only necessary for humans?
It is a tool that we run after despite knowing the truth, for which we dare to abandon even all our beliefs!..
A five-letter word: “Money.”
Instead of discovering countless values in the universe and even realizing that it is one of those values, people prefer to be blind by thinking with the urge to possess things!..

I want to tell you one word: “Blind.”
Blindness is scientifically explained as “the state of losing the eye’s ability, the state of being blind,” which is one of our five sense organs that help our mental activity.
This may be congenital or acquired.
Some species live despite being blind for millions of years. Species such as “Star-Nosed Mole, Sinopoda Scurion Species Spider, Thaumastochelidae Deep Sea Lobster, Blind Cave Mallet, Blind Cave Salamander” are examples of these.
So, what is the difference between these species and us?
Actually, there is no difference because all living things in the universe live according to their place and environmental conditions.
However, the fact that we, the human species, which has not yet been named* (an ascription coming from a religious terminology)* try to live in a process that they think is different shows that he is not aware of the situation he is in.
There are three basic living species on earth living in water, land and air. We do not know the number of these three basic species, but many examples have changed and developed for billions of years.
Only one rule applies to all living things in the universe: eat to produce energy and reproduce to continue the species.
The whole process other than that happens because it should.
This is called the “Principle of Causality.”
However, a person sees himself outside of this truth and thinks he is different, and -as we see in the examples today-, he makes mistakes all the time!..
He always thinks like this:
“I am smart…”
“I know everything…”
“I own the world…”
“All other living things are just animals…”
Every action he takes after making personal decisions is an example of irresponsibility and creates catastrophic results for himself and all living things on Earth.

While man used his instincts that enabled the development of his existence at the beginning of the “Homo” period 300 thousand years ago, he brought himself to these days with his abilities. However, today’s research provides scientific studies that DNA manipulation was done on our bipedal relatives 4.5 million years ago.
Mathematician Vladimir Shcherbak, one of Kazakhstan Al Farabi University professors, and Dr. Maxim Makukov, the Astrobiologist of the Kazakhstan Fesenkov Astrophysics Institute, published a study on the human genome in 2019 as a result of their research. The study stated that there is a secret code in our DNA, that it contains an unknown language in a “mathematical pattern” that does not fit our natural development at all, and that the probability of this being natural is ten times more than 10 trillion.
Shcherbak and Makukov explained that this code was manipulated into our body by extraterrestrials as “an artificial mutation that is not suitable for our DNA.”
Also, in 2014, Mineralogist Dr. Sam Iyengar took a piece of molten pottery remnants tens of thousands of years from Mohenjo-Daro (called dead men hill) in Sind Province of Pakistan after a survey and tested it.
He mainly saw silicon, aluminum, some calcium, and potassium in the element test. He explained that the effect that caused this resulted from X-ray diffraction, similar to volcanic rock. He pointed out that the soil at that time was clay, and the only way to produce such a result was to expose it to a very high temperature.
Dr. Iyengar said it was between 4.000 and 5.000 degrees Celsius, and this result must have been supernatural, given the day’s conditions.
Many wars of ancient civilizations are described in Vedic texts of India, and there are examples of nuclear power being used in these wars. In fact, in the narration of these texts, beings that have taken human form are also mentioned.

Now, we do not yet know what effect this artificial mutation applied to our DNA has had on our mental development, but when we look at our life on earth, it seems that we do not live very naturally.
Is the mentality of those who interfere with us also similar to humans?
We don’t know for sure yet. However, we know this:
If we start with the example of people testing an atomic bomb in some periods; It is a fact that has been repeatedly exemplified (in the tests of the USA, Russia, France, England, India) that they prevented us before we turned the key in the nuclear bomb silos for the damage we would do to the nature.
From here, it sounds like they want us to see that “besides giving us the trait of being smart, they also want us to take responsibility.”

It is a natural fact that we have 5 senses organs. But not to use it as is? That’s our biggest questions!..
It is inevitable for our development to remember our ability to speak with the “Principle of Causality” and “Universal Alphabet,” which will ensure the realization of a mental revolution for us humans, who destroy everything like an elephant walking in a small shop while running after money; we should understand that we are no different from those species that we classify as “extraterrestrial beings” as if they were alien creatures.
We know that people on Earth have lived before, are still living, and speak the “Universal Alphabet”.
We should never forget this.
The fact that we accept someone’s decisions that make us go blind for the sake of money, including the nuclear tests to destroy these ancient people, tells us that we do not realize that we are mentally atrophied.
While we live within the “Principle of Causality” as much as any other living thing in the universe, we must realize that as a species capable of speaking with the “Universal Alphabet,” we have the right to realize our mental revolution.
Instead of thinking of it as a toy that has been taken away, we must accept that we must act responsibly. Otherwise, every virtual world we create will be the basis for our future to end.
If we can’t see through even a single decision we’ve made, then we shouldn’t because the result will make us unhappy.
We live dependent on an intermediary, namely money because we seek mental freedom where we are, not where it is!..