The hurt person!


Seeing through things without adding meaning is the only way to connect with life.
To give meaning is to look at life from the middle, which only keeps us in the past and prevents us from connecting with life.
Because we give meaning, we think, we believe, and we make personalized decisions with ease.
We say “He knows” to the personal nonsense put forward by someone else and we follow his tail in the faith of allegiance.

The resemblance between a pearl in a mollusk growing in the sea and a human being growing on land is amazing.
They both can protect their bodies against foreign substances entering their bodies.
Both react as a result of a chemical secretion.
This process of both happens within the “Principle of Causality”.
However, while the pearl covers the foreign substances that enter it with mother-of-pearl and protects itself… human creates disease because he cannot read life, because he cannot protect himself.
A pearl creates a jewel inside. Human, on the other hand, is traumatized by being hurt inside. Pearl and hurt have the same etymological root in Turkish.
Both come from the root “in”, which means “inside, inward, deep, inward movement”.
Man has interpreted one as a jewel and the other as a reaction!…
It is important to understand the connection between the formation within a human being and the pearl, to see that the structure between these two is the same, and to realize how the process in nature works.
The human being who valorizes the natural state of the Pearl has not only failed to understand the “Principle of Causality” but also failed to see that he has no respect for nature.
The funny thing is, the pearl is oblivious to all this!…

You need to read to look and see.
Yes, if we don’t know how to read, we will never see, we will give meaning according to our thoughts!
Because people make decisions with their emotions, they think that they look and see, and unfortunately, their uncommunicative relationship with life is due to their lack of reading skills.
That is our problem.
Reading is possible with the “Universal Alphabet”.
From the moment we first come into contact with something through the senses, the “moment”, i.e. the “space” that emerges in the process of the distribution of the signals going to our brain on the neurons allows us to read. In other words, before we make a decision (6-second rule), the exact equivalent of this; is “A person who does not allow his thoughts to go beyond his situation touches life”, which includes the description of reading with the “Universal Alphabet”.
In billions of years of life, while the species before man evolved with a transparent intelligence, the humanoid, after becoming intelligent, created a duality perspective, traumatized his mind, and it is because of his emotions that his life is traumatic and chaotic.

Symbols and signs have profoundly influenced human life for tens of thousands of years.
It constantly tells the man to look for something tangible in his mind, whose personalized beliefs are made even more complex by the addition of meaning. In the meantime, he talks about truth, reality, staying in the moment, and change!…
He believes that his cultural myths positively influence his future life, but he can not see that these myths influence his decisions.
This model of life leads people to extremes, and while this person at the extremes shows his ironic fullness with every thought and action he creates with his traditional knowledge; he causes pain to those around him in the belief that “life is a war”.
Because he does not touch himself, because he does not trust himself, he surrenders to a leader he can trust in a model that fits his thoughts. By surrendering his whole life into the hands of faith, he continues to live as a “second-hand” person, even though he complains about everything.
However, human beings need to touch life every moment they breathe.
He needs to realize that the cause is both the creator and himself.
Unfortunately, today’s man never admits that he lives a life of complete bondage, that he dresses his fears on top of the reasons he creates!…
The motto “I know everything” has been the cornerstone of his life.
This person accepts thought as the key to shaping his/her life, constantly asking questions, not out of curiosity, but out of expectation!
Because it establishes a relationship without communication, it can not read because it waits for everything ready; it says “don’t touch me, I’m fine like this”.
He is a total prodigal, who has already believed that to look at and see the repetitions of his past is to read.