The socializing void!


Human, always tells about that he is wise and clever. He claims that he gets a solution for every problem. He denies the rule of 6 seconds but because he does not know that it has a history, whatever it maintains, he assumes that it creates.
He cannot realize that his choices belong to his ideas but they are not belong to himself.
He never understands that his ideas cover all background.
In fact, he cannot know what he is as he cannot notice or understand what consideration is.
First things first, he can get both that it is essential for him to know who is not, and by touching the truth of who is he, and he belongs to the universe.

There was no pre-humanly chosen, priate, corporate or promised land on Earth.
There were no lands with defined borders, each with its own laws, security forces, and flags.
What was it?
There was and still is (!) a life in which the primates most suited to us belonged to this mindset.
Therefore, a quite important issue that one should understand is that the one ought to realize that their limited applications are knowledge from the past… (!)
Being smart and intelligent is not a human trait..
All living things in the universe are intelligent and wise. Even at such times.
He is so much smarter and more intelligent than a human being that he cannot even understand it when he sees it… (!)

Humans do not want to see, understand or know that the universe is based on the “Causality Principle”, which is always dynamic and that there as many living things as we do not know except humans. Because he claims that he knows everything, he says he has knowledge about everything, but he continues to make mistakes for all the time, which he denies because of his arrogance (!)
He creates different different systems with his aims, which are dependent on his beliefs, and with his personalized decisions, it shows that this mindset is affected, including his whole life. He cannot distinguish that he infrastructure of even the systems that man creates and thinks he is constantly developing includes religious beliefs, teachings and rituals.
Their fears and insecurities cause this model process to emerge, to have a virtual life supported by the mental knowledge he brought from the past, but he does not want to see it either. Because he knows everything (!)
He is wise (!)
He is intelligent (!)
As he lived in the “belief in eternity” he created in his virtual world, he carried himself to the level of immortality. He constantly thinks to find immortality, conducts experiments on other living things, researches, and dreams of finding results with scientific studies.
Although he says that he will leave these works as a legacy to his children, grandchildren and even humanity in the future, he dies while struggling in his virtual world because he is blind to not living the day (!)

Human exists only in communition, otherwise; he does not exist. The absence of understanding the universal relationship stems from thought and fills the gap since its thought is past (!)
It is claimed that people is a constantly social creature.
This truth tells us; “Being social belongs to the pre-human species, and it is a fear-based protection instinct for the security of being together” he says.
Yes, today’s people are social (!)
Since people accept that they are social creatures, they think that they act together, establish communities, have fun and live freely (!), but they suffer alone in this limited world due to their greed, arrogance, greed, and most importantly, fears. He cannot see that he lives by suffering, that it is a result of being socialized. If a person is an intelligent and smart living being, he must realize that he is in a relationship with the universe, not he is social.
The person who is in interact with the universe does not need to be socialised.
That person became an intelligence.
That person became everything.
… the life he lives does not fulfills the spaces anymore. (!)

If the human who was lost in his social environment had realized that history repeats itself within the mental structure that comes from socialization, he would not constantly throw salt into his soupy life (!)