Timeless learning


In the repetitions of his life, which he accepts as a divine expression, man lives by obeying the belief in divine reward because he cannot realize the truth.
Obey; is the belief in living by following someone’s tail as a result of repeating what is known.
Whereas, learning is more important than knowing.
Because knowing, which is assuming, brings rewards, which is repetition… and learning, which ends rewards, which means change.
Learning is the timelessness that life without repetition allows to happen.
Learning is a state of seeing what is, free from the mind… and improves change.
Human, becomes primarily because of his psychic fears, his primate-like curiosity, his cultural and traditional beliefs guided by their parents, specialize in a subject and live their lives as a prisoner of that subject.
…and unfortunately he believes that he has changed, and finally sees his regrets about the subject he specializes in (!)
In fact, the reason for the emergence of this situation is that he eats what he knows with the imagination of repeating it.
Because he has turned the thoughts, theories, books and rituals that someone else puts forward into his beliefs.
Since the repetition of belief is rooted in thought, it has become inevitable to repeat it like a parrot.
When we get rid of our beliefs, our past, then we start looking, seeing.

“What is the difference between looking and seeing?” they asked Mevlana. He said, “Everyone looks at what you look at, but can everyone see what you can see?”
We look, but can we see?
Or, do we look but want to see?
What is the obstacle?
Could it be not questioning the known (!)
Seeing brings reading, reading brings learning… which means we are free from the mind, free from the past, which is to be responsible.
To get rid of psychic time, traumatic mind-set, means to become a “religious” person.
The religious nature of learning is the reason for evolution.
A religious person is one who sees through what is.… not one who knows what he sees, but one who learns.
A person who reads (questioning) and learns is religious.
A responsible person who realizes his life and fears without loyalty is religious.

Read (interrogate); It means to see inside “Him.”
Read (interrogate) means learn, change.
Today, in the world, if there is a constant reaction (thought) between people, the only reason for this is that we establish ‘Relationship without Communication’ and we do not read the other side.
That is, as an observer, we do not see what is observed through observation, we act irresponsibly.
Unfortunately, We establish ‘Relationships without Communication’.
In fact, we should read in the truth of Observation, Observer, Observed.
Observation: The “Moment” (a state of timeless, spaceless and thoughtlessness) in which everything is in it,
Observer: Me (or any creature),
Observed: He (or any creature).
If we explain with an example;
I am coming face to face with a person I have never met (maybe another creature). We look into each other’s eyes.
I, in the first contact with the observed, in order to establish “Contact” before looking,
A) …if I form a thought (a thought is a reaction), and if I engage in an internal behavior with it that causes my chemical structure to change and therefore my energy to change (this is called fear), it will respond in kind, and we will have a conflict.
B) …if I act without forming a thought, without any inner behavior that would change my body balance with it, without changing my energy, without thinking (this is called surrender), we establish “Relationship”.
So where does observation come into play, when the observer experiences option A or B with the observed?
In option A); Since I create thought, observation remains passive. It stays outside the story I create and just watches. As a result, I create something through me (fear), which is the clearest example of the arrogant, chaotic state of human beings in the world today.
In option B); When I stay in the “Moment” (observation comes into play), if I surrender to the other party in order to liberate our relationship for the sake of establishing communication (no species… no gender… no race… no color or colorless…), not ” What Has Begun” but “What is” emerges here, in which case Observation + Observer+ Observed becomes “Nothing”.
This is the state of being “Nothing” in Sufism.
This is the state of being “Nothing” in evolution (staying in the moment).
This is the state of being “Nothing” in change (to develop).
In the case of option A), we have no way of knowing what a “non-communicative relationship” might mean for us.
The result is that the observed now reacts (fear) to the observer.
In option B), we surrender to each other because neither of us creates a reaction, because we are “nothing”.
The result is; communication and relationship established.
Before the universe existed, “Observation: Quantum World” existed. Because the principle of causality and the action of the environmental effect could not exist without observation.
That is, the basis of the existence of the universe is observation that triggers the motion of change. Later, it became the observer and the observed who depended on development.
And it continues to be.
Since the observer and the observed are mortal, they are one and the same, but if the observer wants to be with the observation, birth + new species arise.
So; Observation opens all the doors of the universe to the learning observer because it is in each “Moment” and encompasses what is in it.
After all; Whether it is the “Creator” or the “Being”, observation is always in life, life is always in observation.