Type of Megalomaniac


Intelligence is in connection with the whole universe. As, the universe is; intelligence.
At the point of communication, intelligence; ust as those who know, by not creating the duality of you-me language, without personalizing or marginalizing any living thing, because it is “observation” “It’s possible”. All living things on Earth, except human beings, act with intelligence.
All the living beings that live in the world, -except human- move according to their intelligence.
Human, assumes every vivacious thing as an animal but self. By limiting with the words such as ”wild, killer, fatal”, as itself does not have the feature of these, thinks that he is different!
All of the living beings that belong to the period before the human existence act on with two motive;
1- to breed for continuation of kind.
2-to hunt to get full.
These are not unfamiliar motives for today’s ‘Homo’. Still, these two options gets real with different person like;
1- to have sex constantly not to breed but to have the instant pleasure.
2- to kill without discriminating sex (because of fears), to preserve food in the freezers for tomorrows (due to lack of confidence).
It is possible to come across with this type of human intelligence on prehuman primates but they have boundaries, which happens to provide regional control.
In fact, -in terms of human- in relpy to the denial of carrying these motives; countries, boundaries and flags that human created can be seen as the most obvious sample.
Today, even if it is claimed that wars were started for money, its mental ifrastructure includes a psychology which is result of local control that has been passed through by previous types.
It is much easier to understand why we are so spoiled if we research and read the mythological records left to us by the extraterrestrials who enabled our “homo” type change.
As a result of; while we are getting know ourselves and, primarily, while we are raising our childrens, to investigate or to read the one that has already been done, we ought to act with considering this information.
Everything is true for human and he is so convinced that he choose to be destroyed instead of progress on the way that he does not know and understand.
It is correct.
Humans live lie a vagrant landmine everywhere in a constantly “megalomantic” mindset.
He even turns down the god he calls “my creator”, whom he considers to be the giver of his life, for the sake of his money. Everyday he does not heistate to say that his religious belief comes first, while harming all living things, he does not feel uncomfortable at the same time.
Human first becomes a part of its by paying allegiance (to be punished) because he is afraid of belief in God, and then he believes that he owns everything the God has created by putting himself in the God’s place because of his arrogance.

In full response to this; he indicates himself in this “megalomania” state he is in, with the living beings he creatures by interfering (cloning) his DNA, with the “Smart Robots” he creates without realizing it, and most importantly, with his behaviours such as technology addiction hindering his mental development!
We have to get this clearly; if we can figure out the truth of the things that happens without our will, we can live our lives pleased, delightedly, peaceful and actually without getting sick, we become free from the “megalomaniac” state.
It does not make sense neighter to struggle hysterically to be a landman/landlady or to be sad when it is wasted. Just because, we should understand that there is ‘nothing’ that lasts forever,already; when it comes to the truth, death is born into eternity.

As we evaluate our lives in psychic time we have difficulties in living.
While living in our little worlds, we come up with solutions to destroy our existing wonderful world, even pretending that this place does not exist and looking for a place on other planets to repeat what we have done in here.
Unashamedly, we call it ‘curiosity’!
In fact, curiosity; it is to establish communication and relationship without saying I-You. It is being free in the moment of having no place or time, when you and me are one.
That is, being free from mind, yesterdays, considerations, self.
The time-bound life of man, the increase in desires the increase of his emotions and that results in losses, creates a restless, unhappy an unhealty system.
There is a word that is called “purgatory” that means afterlife, in religion books.
Meaning of the word is a religious term which is a temporary purification place of good and evil ones. The sentence “The road to hell is paved with good stones” was compiled for “purgatory”. Why is that? It tells that there is an expectation and that every good deed done for a reward is actually evil. When we look at the history of man, almost all of it, especially today, every decision is knitted with goodness stones!
The place where intelligence is, no good is done, it occurs.
In the event that we get which features the favour has, we just realize that there was a favour when it is gone!

When we want to test the accuracy of the assumptions, no scientific way can offer us a solution. It is not possible for us to touch the fine-tuned nature of variables (our abilities) by thinking with theories, concepts, and our virtual mindset.
If we believe that it exist with the “Causality Principle”, we can easily say that; variables are what they are for a universe to be.
This conclusion is the truth that makes the universe happen.
For now, the last type of human on Earth will one day meet a more intelligent living being and will still remain ignorant of the mistery of the universe, even if he seeks answers to many questions he is curious about. Because the universe has left an unfinished question with the existence of intelligent beings before it, which is; where, when, how, why an by whom to begin…”
Those who know, experienced this situation as a meditation because they knew how to read the universal alphabet. Meditation; it is a state of living free from the mind, past and thought, not rituals, repetitive words and focusing on one point.
Therefore, reading the universal alphabet requires being “nothing”, as it is described in Sufism! Requires leaving everything on the doorstep before getting in!
Today, when we look at human life, the nothingness (!) that allows our cells to communicate freely, that is; meditation, while it tells us that a person cannot have a future in this mindset, it makes us realize something even if we do not understand anything.
Because, we are the universe.