We are the one “DANE*”! (*SEED)


For billions of years, the development of living things on earth has taken place physically and mentally within the “Principle of Causality”, and diversity emerges when the information that ensures the continuation of the species is shaped according to the environment and conditions.

When the natural structure of Africa started to change 30 million years ago, some species of primates instead of walking on all fours in the face of the threatening nature of the environment, got up and moved on two legs in order to see the dangers from afar (change of evolution). When his hands were free, he began to use them. The involvement of the hands gave rise to the idea of making tools for the sake of protecting oneself against threats from the environment and for safety.
Millions of years ago, all living things, except the first hominid, did not have a problem with food, while Erektus* (*Upright Human) started to find ways to be ingenious hundreds of thousands of years ago. First, he was constantly eating plants, after catching his prey as a result of making tools, he cut the meat, cooked it over the fire, enjoyed it, and unconsciously included protein in his life.
As a result, first of all, our brain started to develop because we stood up, the brain’s function increased by using the hands, it produced tools, and when Protein* got involved (*Protein ensures cell growth and brain development), human development accelerated.
This brought the increase in needs, the needs diversified the hunt, and our body continued to develop itself throughout this process. As the brain grew and the analysis, decision-making and thinking model became richer, group hunting began to be organized depending on the information from other species in order to kill creatures larger than itself.
Although this decision process is also seen in previous species, the humanoid took this one step further and started to apply this mindset, which he used to kill the stronger one, while shaping his tools, also for the little ones, including his own kind (!)
Yes, the first organized state of the humanoid appeared here.
However, although he knows today that he did not know at that time, the fact that he still uses the instinct to kill because he has not changed his primate mental infrastructure shows that he has not developed.
Yes, people are killing even their closest relatives for their own personal gains. They are waging war on their nearest neighbor and expanding their field by making allegiance to the states it has established based on their beliefs and decisions, the security forces within their borders, and their holy flags (!)

All species show regional development in their brains according to their location and environment. Because the conditions at sea, in the air and on land are different. Therefore, the brain has developed differently for every living thing, and it still continues this development.
So, the “Principle of Causality” is the only truth of the universe. All living things are shaped according to this truth.
To be shaped, that is, to reproduce, is an indispensable truth for the continuation of a living thing’s generation.
We can express this most clearly as follows: “The basic principle of biology: all living things are descended from the living things before them”
There are two types of reproduction. sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction
While the sexual one ensures the continuation of the species with sperm (male) and egg fertilization (female), the asexual one is the reproduction of a new living thing from a single organism.
The word “DANE*” that I mentioned in the introduction covers this whole process, which means “Seed = Progeny”.
No living thing can come into existence without a “Seed”, either Sexual or Asexual.
The most important feature that affects the development of life is the environment and conditions. Between species, this differs for each. The main reason for this is that the environment and conditions are different for every living thing.
Truth tells us this: every living thing transfers its knowledge to its next generation, depending on its development. Therefore, as every living thing comes into the world (the Principle of Causality), an environment is created according to the environment and conditions in order for the related diversity to occur.
As a result of this, we can say that “no living thing has a beginning”.
All living things in the universe share life, and species both develop and make their own lives more livable.

As knowledge is shared, life evolves…
As life evolves, knowledge changes…