World of language!


Passionate about things that can’t be owned, dreaming, hoping, leaving your whole life to psychic time means; it takes people to the point of decision making and it bring them to walk on a path they can’t understand. In this situation, there is also being goal-directed and revealing its hidden violence.
Yes, humans are a species prone to evil…
Because he didn’t come from the nature…
Because he is not at peace with nature…
Because, he has no natural structure…
He lives in a virtual world…
…and he has a lying, arrogant and personalized life.

Everyone lies in some way, according to their own psychic structure. He creates types in his own way through applications in social media, a brand, image to the world; reflects it as a lie. He even claims about it. He breaks everything, he makes people unhappy, and he may even kill himself because he doesn’t adapt.
A person understands his world through his words, he looks at his world through the meanings he gives to his words. Therefore, with this behavior model, he can never get out of trouble.
People use their own laws as the determinant of their limits, and all their laws are biased and serve their own interest.
The person who reveals these laws that do not adapt life at all, is actually mentally limited.
Emotions are limited as they contain information about the past.
This limitation creates psychic destructions and a person who has reached this level is now callous. When he’s callous, he gets into a much more dangerous mindset.
Now, every decision he makes in this situation will have mortal consequences (!)
Their endless wars for thousands of years are the results of this mindset.
…and every moment is an endless chain of yearning.

It’s not possible to form a personality in a constantly changing-transforming life. “Personality” means limiting the entire flow of information, deciding on a subject and trying to prevent what is happening. Therefore, while trying to live human life in psychic time, he can’t read with the universal alphabet (!)
It’s difficult for a person who runs away from himself to face, because his fears limit his whole life, he builds a wall around himself with all things and does not let any living thing into his own space.
The real truth is its hidden violence and not knowing when will it end?
Mental cleansing is possible with high concentration, and this process creates a lot of stress. Because the basis of the need to clean is prepared by fear.
A man’s task is to descend into himself, to know himself and to breathe with this knowledge. That is why a person never shows his true face unless he’s cornered, and because he does not understand his psychic repetitions, he takes part in life as a living creature that is ready to do evil at any moment, -ready to jump on it- as a consequence of making decisions with his primate background.
Human should act according to the order of life, not according to psychic truth.
A person should not let his thoughts go beyond his situation… which is; thought has passed: it means outside.
A person who acts according to his own truth is irresponsible.
As a brave and fearless person is his decisions, he thinks that he has the right to harm others, he makes decisions without thinking about the consequences, without fear no matter what.
Human is emotional only because he lives in psychic time.
When a history of fear is added to this, the consequence should be reaction.
The reason why “Take a deep breath before deciding” is said because of the necessity of being in accordance with nature and the virtue of being open to interpretation.
Whether or not every decision we make comes true is therefore an issue that needs to be addressed.
Decision making is a psychic state whose end is unknown as it acts on the “Causality Principle”.

Whatever it is, the “Causality Principle” that allows information to happen, also allows the error it contains in information. Therefore, by allowing the arrogance of the observer to change the observed over the observation, it also allows the observer to repeat.
Human can’t touch the truth without realizing the truth.
There is only one truth that human has to understand and that is; that a person lives in the world (!)